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Workout for Free At Home with Hulu Plus!

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Naptime is the perfect time to squeeze in a quick workout. But that also means I’m stuck at home while the kiddos are snoozing. I don’t have a treadmill or other hefty gym equipment, so I rely on streaming video content to keep my workouts interesting. I recently discovered that Hulu Plus has some fabulous channels filled with almost endless, amazing workouts!

hulu plus for workouts

Here is a list of my absolute favorite free streaming workouts on Hulu Plus:

hulu tv exercise

Exercise TV

Exercise TV has an EXTENSIVE stable of shows to appeal to every workout preference. My favorites include:
Rock Hard Body by Jake- Two 40-minute, full body workouts, and one 20-minute Ab-focused intensive, so you will seriously steam up the playroom.

Yoga & Pilates- Exercise TV provides four 20-minute routines, a ten-minute AM Yoga set, and a 10-minute Pilates Abs set. All of them are both calming and challenging, and the perfect amount of time for mom to squeeze in a quick workout or two throughout the day.

January Jumpstart- If you really like 10-minute workouts, January Jumpstart is the best I’ve found. Eight titles to choose from make for endless combinations of 10-minute workouts that will get your heart pumping and muscles burning.

Six Pack Abs- If your midsection is the focus of your strength training, Six Minute Abs will do your body good. This is another group of 10-minute, hard hitting, ab-tastic workouts, with one 20-minute routine thrown in. Work your midsection 10 minutes at a time.

Lionsgate has a TON of content, very little of which is fitness related. The one shining star in their stable is…

denise austin

Denise Austen- There are 10 fabulous 50-60 minute workouts all lead by Denise, one you can even do with your kids! Ranging from boot camp to pilates, Denise mixes it up with her signature pleasant, yet professional and motivating style.

daily burn

Daily Burn TV

Daily Burn provides a sampling of amazing workout options, from beginner to beast, including:

True Beginner- Just one episode. A great 30 minute workout to get you off the couch and back to business.

Daily Burn MOVE- Super fun dance workout for some naptime booty shaking.

Daily Burn 15- They have two fabulous 15 minute workouts, when you need to squeeze in some sweat in between diaper changes.

Daily Burn INFERNO- This is appropriately titled. This 30 minute workout will set your muscles on fire.

Cardio Sculpt- The single episode of KIT (Kickboxing Interval Training) will KILL you. In a good way.

gaiam live learn grow


There are a ton of clips and tips provided by Gaiam, but my favorite workouts are:

Gaiam Yoga- A bunch of awesome 10-15 minute Yoga routines to really work your flexibility and balance.

Gaiam Pilates- Love all these 10-15 minute strengthening and stretching routines. Perfect to squeeze in a challenging workout in no time flat.

Wake up Workout- This series gives you a little taste of everything from Kickboxing to Cardio Dance. Each workout is about 20 minutes, which is perfect for those crazy days when I want to workout, but still need to prep dinner before everyone wakes up from their naps.

Any streaming workouts we missed? What are your favorite workouts on Hulu Plus?

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Kate P.

Thursday 23rd of February 2017

These are not on Hulu. They are on Amazon.


Monday 29th of August 2016

I can't find any of these on Hulu. Are they still offered?

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