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4Moms is a company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that launched in 2006 with their first product, 4Moms Cleanwater Infant Tub.   Almost 3 years later, 4Moms is unveiling their 2nd product and very first stroller, The Origami.  Yes, we know, every company seems to have at least one stroller to their product line.  What makes the 4Moms stroller any different?

Seeing the Origami first hand and in action, I am excited to say that this stroller IS different!  It is the first power folding stroller.  With the push of a button (on the handlebar display), the Origami stroller goes from fully sized when open to super compact when closed.  The stroller relies on motors to do the work.  It’s so fun and easy to use plus it’s eco-friendly, with a built in generator that recharges itself with every 300 feet of use.  So, you don’t have to plug it in or change batteries – it actually recharges as you walk.  It’s crazy fun!  Plus, speaking of eco-friendly, 90% of the Origami is recyclable.

The stroller is lightweight for a full-featured stroller weighing in at only 22 lbs.  It has a LCD display on the handle bar that has everything from a pedometer to a speedometer to a temperature indicator.  The Origami even has built-in intelligence that can detect when a child is in the seat.  Yes, 4Moms know that you know when your child is in the seat but this feature disables the automated folding mechanism so that it cannot be operated when a child is present.

Does it have all the features you ask?  You bet.  Reclining seat, storage, cupholders, adjustable handle, carry cot option, car seat adapter, just to name a few.  It even has daytime running lights that automatically come on when the stroller is in use.  I didn’t get a chance to test the stroller’s maneuverability, but believe me, I will report back as soon as I get my hands on one of these strollers.

All this new technology on a stroller does come at a price, but surprisingly, not as expensive as some.  The Origami has a suggested retail price of $650.  Think you’d like to get your hands on an Origami?  Well, you’ll be waiting until February 2009 when it will be available in specialty stores and online retailers.  Of course, we will provide you with a detailed editor review and our very popular video review as soon as they start releasing these strollers!

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