Would You Do it for the Holidays?

I head to my mailbox today and retrieve the 10 catalogs that were stuffed in my mailbox.  It’s approaching holiday season if you didn’t know and needed reminding from every catalog company out there!  I immediately grab the Hanna Anderson catalog because it says 20% off!  I like sales!  And this is their big pre-holiday SALE.

I open the catalog and on page 2 begins with what my husband says nightmares of made of.  Now, what could be in a Hanna Anderson catalog that is spooking my husband in his sleep?

Family matching holiday wear!!

We aren’t talking the kind of matching where everyone picks a shade of red to wear.  Or everywhere wears jeans.  We are talking full collections of completely matchy-matchy holiday clothes for the ENTIRE family.  That’s right!  Dad too!

Even though this vision gives my husband the heebie-jeebies, it actually gets me thinking.  I like to match.  How cute would it be if we were all in the same collection for Christmas?  My daughter and I could wear matching dresses while the boys wore sweaters and vests of the same print.  And the families in the catalog look so happy and cute!

I have a five year old daughter and, yes, I am one of those moms that think it would be cute for us to match.  We have never done it (yet!) but I’ve thought about it.  You see, my daughter still thinks I’m cool.  She would be ecstatic to match me!  She loves to match her brothers.  She still wears the “I love daddy” shirts.  Yeah, I know, by next year she will probably be horrified if we are even wearing the same color and I’m within 10 feet.  I get it.  She will only think I’m cool for a limited amount of time.  Then it’s all down hill as I deal with the drama of me being “lame”, a “geek”, and “embarrassing her”.  So, this is may be my only chance!  And don’t even get me started on the fun family holiday pajamas!

So, my question for you:  Would you match the entire family for the holidays?  There are two teams:

TEAM “Yep, sounds totally cute and fun!”


TEAM “Never, ever!  Are you mad?  Totally geek!” (My husband’s team!)

Which team are you on?