Wrestling the Baby Alligator & Hiding My Hooters

Wrestling the Baby Alligator & Hiding My Hooters

Wrestling the Baby Alligator & Hiding My HootersOne of my favorite “Must-Have” baby products is a Hooter Hider. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Hooter Hider, it’s basically a piece of fabric (in a fabulous print, of course!) that loops around your neck (with a rigid neckline), and is designed to cover your hooters (aka: breasts) while you breastfeed in public. Or you can wear it at your in-law’s house like I do, because my father-in-law cannot even be in the same room while I nurse the baby. I could probably have a brick wall in front of me and he would still be upstairs, hiding in his closet.

I have used my Hooter Hider with both of The Chicks and it has served me well- until recently. I cannot manage to nurse Baby Chick in public while being modestly covered by my trusty Hooter Hider anymore. I would probably need four arms to get the job done. She is just too big and wiggly. (Baby Chick is 8 months old!)

I finally reached my breaking point with the Hooter Hider a few days ago. Imagine this scene: I am on a three hour flight with both of The Chicks. I am wedged between Big Chick, who is sitting at the window, and a nice older fellow who is sitting in the aisle seat. I have Baby Chick on my lap.

About thirty minutes into the flight Baby Chick decided she was hungry, so I nursed her. Then things got ugly.

Baby Chick started thrashing her body and arching her back.  I was using one arm to hold her, while using the other hand to lift my shirt without baring my entire midriff to the world. I was also using the same hand to try to get her properly latched as she shook her head back and forth. All of this was happening while Baby Chick  was also frantically batting at the Hooter Hider, trying to peek out from under it. I probably looked like I was wrestling a baby alligator from under there.

I was supposed to be managing this situation while being shielded by a piece of fabric that is starting to feel about the size of a cocktail napkin? Talk about anxiety interfering with my let-down reflex.

What a spectacle.

So, I’m throwing in the towel. Or the Hooter Hider, I guess.

Now I’m on a mission. A mission to find a replacement for my good ol’ Hooter Hider. It’s going to be hard. I loved that little piece of over-priced fabric. I’m going to search high and low and no stone will go unturned. Stay tuned.

What are your favorite techniques for hiding your hooters?

– Contributed by Morgan


  1. I use my much loved Bella Band from pregnancy to be an under layer (no one wants to see my belly) and I pull up my shirt. The top shirt covers everything. I am also uncomfortable nursing at my in-laws, but I think my father-in-law would be uncomfortable even with the hooter hider.


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