Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Wubbanub Pacifiers

When my daughter was born, my lactation consultant was adamant that we not use pacifiers for at least a month.  As a good teacher and student, I listened…or I tried to.  By the time we got home from the hospital, we had learned one of the first quirks of our baby – she wanted something in her mouth at all times.  After ten days of my pinky finger as her main comfort, we finally broke down and opened what has become my favorite baby must-have: the Wubbanub pacifier.

The Wubbanub is a simple concept: the classic Soothie pacifier attached to a stuffed toy.  This simple design hold the pacifier in the baby’s mouth and keeps it from rolling away when they stop sucking.  The little critters just camp out right on the chest of your swaddled baby.  That’s right: no more hunting in the dark for the elusive pacifier!  Did I just hear a chorus of angels singing?

The main question I get about our Wubbanubs is about washing.  No, the Soothie is not detachable.  It is stitched to the toy to keep everything together.  Washing is easy – just throw the whole thing in with baby’s laundry.  We have Wubbanubs that are going on a year old, and they have survived multiple washes beautifully.  Just sanitize the nipple before giving to baby, and your Wubbanub is ready for another round.

When my daughter was hospitalized at two months old, we were glad to have the Wubbanubas a comfort for her.  She would stroke the soft fur of her kitten Wubba, and every nurse and doctor knew how to comfort her.  Now that she is heavily teething, her Wubbas have become her favorite teethers, constantly being squeaked across her new teeth.  She hangs on to the little legs when she is strapped into the car seat and always has her pacifier in reach.  Now that she can throw things, we use a toy tether to attach our Wubbas to the stroller straps to make sure we make it from point A to point B with our little buddies.

The Wubbanub has become my go-to shower gift for new babies.  There is a menagerie of adorable animals from which to choose, with “limited edition” designs available if you do a little searching.  Give the newest kid on your block a pacifier that can truly be loved by baby and mom.

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