5 Moms Share the Motto They Send Their Kids Back to School With

The world isn’t a very kind place.

There are kind people, of course, but generally, sending our children into the big scary world is something all parents worry about. A new school year always prompts me to remind my children of our family rules. The things we hold dear and aim to follow. There are simple reminders like “Don’t forget to close your mouth when eating” (well, kind of simple) and more complex things like, “Let’s practice what to do when we encounter a bully.”

Many families wrap up their philosophy in a succinct motto. Something that’s easy to remember, a ditty or phrase that will remind parents and kids alike to respond wisely in various situations. For us, it’s “Kind words, kind heart, kind hands.” We even do motions, first touching our mouth, then our heart, then holding our hands out. Those simple words have been a guiding light to my children, especially my oldest two who are now in Pre-K and 1st grade. We apply it to our siblings, friends, and strangers. Kindness guides us.

These other moms have similar mottos. Ones you may want to adopt as we embark upon a new school year!

Tasha, a mom of 2, encourages her children to, “Be a friend to the friendless.” Couldn’t agree more.

Naomi, a mom of 1 who isn’t school age yet, loves that her brother-in-law and sister-in-law remind their kids to, “Be kinder than the kindest person in class.” Like a kindness battle … who can be kinder?!?

Leah, a mom of 2, was inspired by the book, Wonder, and can often be heard saying, “When given the choice between being right or being kind… Choose kind.” That’s one adults should be getting tattoos of if you ask me!

Erika, a mom of 3, tells her trio to, “Be kinder than you think necessary.” Yes, always go the extra mile!

Kate, a mom of 3, has built a little elephant empire based on this video. She tells her kids, “Big elephants (the older kids, the leaders, etc.) need to get together and stand up for what is right. If enough of the big elephants do the right thing, then the little elephants will follow their lead.” Let’s all be big elephants!

What motto are you sending your kids back to school with this year?