Yes, Husband – I DO Need Another Diaper Bag

My husband thinks I’m crazy. Not because I count the steps when I go up or down stairs every single time or because I’m incredibly picky about any food touching on my plate. My husband thinks I’m crazy because of my diaper bags. Raise of hands for anyone whose significant other has said this before: “Do you really need to spend THAT much on a diaper bag?” Or maybe, “Why don’t you just use a backpack from Wal-Mart?” How about that dramatic eye roll when he finds out you’re considering another bag to add to your collection? Generally, men just don’t understand women’s accessories. I’ve found that my husband, bless his heart, is no exception. I know I can’t be the only mom out there who feels the disappointment of spending hard earned money on a product that lets you down! This is what drives my quest to find the perfect diaper bag, especially now that I have two kids to pack for. If you’ve found yourself in the same situation, needing to defend to your man why you have to try yet another diaper bag and why it’s worth the money, here are the arguments I usually present:

  1. First time moms usually don’t know what they need: Yeah, I know I already have a diaper bag from our first child and I know it’s still in good enough shape and could technically work for the next baby. But when I chose that bag, I didn’t know what it meant to pack for baby. I didn’t know if I could limit myself and pack only the necessities, or if I would end up being the type of mom that carries the whole house with her on outings (I’m the latter kind, it turns out). I didn’t pay attention to number of pockets, where I’d put my own things, how to avoid losing all the little items like my lotion and chap stick, and I definitely didn’t consider what the bag would feel like, fully packed, on my shoulders. I didn’t even know some bags were machine washable or could be carried in different ways. So I need a new bag because now, after having baby number two, I know better. And might I just point out that I stuck with that first bag, with all its flaws and annoyances, for two years? Thank you very much. I’ve paid my dues.
  2. Price usually means quality: My first bag was maybe $30 from Babies R Us. This bag’s exterior has since faded in the front and turned blue in the back from rubbing on my jeans. It’s not machine washable and the thin, cheap lining on the inside has ripped in multiple places. And don’t get me started on how uncomfortable the straps are. Now fast forward to the bag I currently have talked my husband into: the Jujube BFF in The Empress print. Ju-Ju-be diaper bagFrom the moment I felt its fabric, I knew this bag was miles ahead of my old one. Machine washable, thickly padded straps, strong stitching and a light interior (to avoid the famous “black hole” problem) all make this bag worth the money. I paid $180 for it off of Amazon and sure, I wish I didn’t have to drop my whole paycheck on it, but I haven’t regretted it. It’s size, placement and number of pockets, and its durability make me understand (and made my husband eventually understand) why the price was set so high. So yes, dear husband, I DID have to really spend that much on a diaper bag.
  3. Mothers need a bag to fit each stage of babyhood: New mothers tend to over pack due to lack of experience in knowing what is really needed for them and their child. I remember when my first was brand new, I had about 6 burp rags, 2 blankets, 3 changes of clothes, 20 diapers, an already made bottle of formula in a cooler pack plus an extra bottle, my nursing cover, a bazillion disposable nursing pads, and a snack for me all crammed into what I thought was my “super big” diaper bag. Not to mention my wallet, pads, chapstick, mints, and other various small mommy items. Once I had some experience knowing what I’d actually need, I learned to pack more efficiently, but I still needed more than what I carry for that child today. Today, she’s a rambunctious two year old who usually only needs two snacks tops, her water bottle, one book, one toy, and one extra pull up and pair of pants just in case (*sigh* potty training). I’ve also learned to keep a bag in the car with more emergency things, like more snacks, diapers, blankets, etc. So my diaper bag has considerably more room to accommodate my newest addition. For my baby, I’ve learned 3 diapers are enough, not 20. And 2 burp rags can do the job, now that I know how to make those things stretch. As my children grow, I’ll need different sizes of bags, different pocket amounts to store their needs, and let’s face it—I’ll just want a change in the accessory I carry every day.
  4. I just want a change in the accessory I have to carry every day: A mother’s diaper bag is more than just for the children’s crap. This is where we keep our own things, meaning this bag has to double as our purse. Some women are content to use up their purse until it is literally falling apart, but others, like me, tire of the same print and style and yearn for something more. I don’t spend our money on accessories like expensive jewelry or shoes. I hardly wear any make up, meaning I’m not spending loads in that department, either. So when I start feeling the need to buy a different diaper bag, part of it is because I want to feel attractive again. The bag I have to carry every day is one I want to be excited and proud of. So if it’s a bag that ends up being $150 and I’ve already saved up for it, you’re dang right I’m going to buy it!

Obviously, as I continue my search for new and exciting diaper bags to try, I’m not going to be so crazy as to spend money we don’t have or only use my new purchases for a week before moving on. Every bag I have bought so far (only three) and will buy (my list is ever growing) will be used to it’s full potential. If I do decide to move on and never use it again, I’ll resell it. So it’s important to assure your husband that the money you’re dropping on these accessories is money not wasted. And I feel obligated to point out that you really CAN find some great diaper bags that don’t break the bank. I just happen to be interested in the ones that are a little more spendy, it seems.

My next diaper bag I’m excited to try is a Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel in Desert Dreaming. Thanks to, I got this normally pretty pricey $139 bag for only $89. And after that one? Probably a Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack in Indigo. Then I’d like to try some Skip Hop and JJ Cole bags. I’m on a roll!

Do you have a diaper bag you love that you think I should try? Let me know! And if you’ve got any more fireproof reasons why diaper bags are worth the extra money, please share them in the comments below. I need all the help I can get in convincing my husband to let me keep going!