You Don’t Want Your Indie Manhandled, Do You?

If you are a Bumbleride Indie owner, you know how much you adore your stroller.  The Indie is with you and your baby through thick and thin.  Now, that summer is approaching and travel plans are being made, it’s time to think about your Indie.  Traveling can be a rough time for a stroller as they are manhandled in the airports by the baggage personnel.  They are tossed.  They are dropped.  They are shoved.  They are generally abused for no good reason. 

If you want your Indie to survive your travel excursions without a scratch, nick or bump, we suggest you invest in the Bumbleride Travel Case.  This travel bag is a padded bag that fits the folded Indie perfectly to protect it while on the go.  The bag features carrying handles, a removable shoulder strap and a zipper pouch. 

We had no problem fitting the Indie into the bag with very little effort.  Fold the Indie. Pop off the rear wheels.  Place the folded stroller in the bag with the wheels tucked under the stroller.  Wrap the bag’s large Velcro strap around the stroller to keep it in place.  Zip the bag closed.  Easy as that!  

If you want your Indie looking good as new even after a baggage handler gets a hold of him, we highly recommend the Bumbleride Travel Case. 


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To watch our brief video review of the Bumbleride Travel Case, click the video below:


*Thanks to Bumbleride for sending us the Indie Travel Bag for review.