You Might Want to Judge Your Baby’s Shampoo By Its Label

When I attended a New Parents Expo last month, Dolphin Organics was one of the very few products which I was unaware of.

Dolphin Organics is a family-owned and operated company which is committed to making the best, most honest organic and natural products for your baby. Dolphin Organics offers parents a line of vegan, hypoallergenic baby care products that contain nothing man-made and nothing artificial – not even the preservatives. The label is clear and honest, and shows consumers exactly what has been put in the bottle. The company is also trying to make their carbon footprint as small as your baby’s. That’s why their packaging is made with Post Consumer Recycled material, and products are never tested on animals.

A member of the Natural Products Association, Dolphin Organics goes to great lengths to adhere to the industry’s highest standards. In fact, Dolphin Organics products have been approved by two widely respected organizations: Quality Assurance International certifies that the organic ingredients are truly organic, and the National Safety Foundation confirms that the products meet the strictest safety standards.

Dolphin Organics was generous enough to send me a bottle of their baby shampoo/body wash and the conditioner to try out. My husband who is responsible for bathing our son immediately asked me, “Is this tear-free?”

Yes, I promised. And then waited for his reaction. He appreciated that the products are fragrance free, all-natural/organic, hypoallergenic and tear-free. He was disappointed that the shampoo has a watery consistency and explained that it lathered better in the hair than on the body. He also noted that the conditioner is thicker. His other con was that there were less bubbles for our son to play with than with the product we currently use. Then we read the label for the first time on our 2-in-1 gentle wash and shampoo and cringed because it contains sulfate and sodium benzoate. These ingredients can’t even begin to overcompensate for the fact that it did lather and rinse nicer than Dolphin Organics.

The Dolphin Organics baby shampoo/body wash and the conditioner retail for $11.49 each. Dolphin Organics is committed to donating a portion of every purchase to not-for-profit organizations whose missions are dear to their hearts: Friends of Karen is a local charity dedicated to supporting the families of critically-ill children.

After using the shampoo, my son’s hair had a healthy sheen the next day.  And we all slept well knowing we didn’t put anything on our precious son that isn’t found in nature.

For more information or to shop Dolphin Organics, visit their website HERE.