Your Builder Will Love the Fisher Price Drillin Action Tool Set!

I’m just going to be honest. Blunt. Here goes-

This toy is AWESOME. Bravo Fisher Price, bravo.

Do you have a little guy or girl who just loves imitating adults as they hammer or drill? Then they will absolutely love the Fisher Price Drillin Action Tool Set.

A great deal of thought went into this toy, because it’s not just your average pretend-to-hammer-and-drill toy. It comes with a portable toolbox, three plastic and large nails, three screws, a battery operated drill, a hammer, and two different drill heads. Yes, your child can even change the drill heads!

The drill comes with 3 AA batteries inside, so you can start straight playing- I mean, drilling- right away. When your child places the Phillips head screws in the holes in the toolbox and positions the drill on top, they can actually slowly drill the screw into place! Tightly!! And then (my favorite part) you just flick the reverse switch on the drill and guess what? Your little one can actually use their own drill to unscrew it like an real drill would! This is not pretend play, this is real stuff people!

And the hammer? Does it just bang on the nails and that’s it? Actually no, you can position the nails in the holes, use the hammer to bang them down tightly into place, and then the only way to remove them is how an adult would do it- flip that hammer around, put the loop section around the nail and pull it out! This is real life learning. And should your little one want to carry the set with him/her to another room, no problem, all the pieces fit perfectly back in the tool box, there’s even a specific space for the drill heads and the drill. I think all we need now is a hard hat!

The recommended age for this toy is 2 years and up as there are no small parts, but my daughter absolutely LOVES this tool set and she’s 21 months. She is always following Daddy around when he’s fixing something and this is the perfect toy version for her. Being able to change the heads of the drill, put the drill in the correct position of the screws to drill in and out, hammering etc all are great for hand-eye coordination, and I just love watching her play with it. She walks around so proud of her drill that sometimes I wonder if she’s thinking “Look, I helped build this house” 🙂 This is a great toy for your little one, or as a gift for a little builder. You will not be disappointed!

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