Your Wood Floors Are Better Off Dirty!

Your Wood Floors Are Better Off Dirty!

As you know, we review a lot of baby products here at RatedByMom. But that’s not all we do! Our goal is to help parents buy the right product the first time. We not only want to help you shop smarter by saving you money but saving you time as well. As moms, we are busy and there is nothing worse than wasting time on a bad product.

You know us, we won’t just blow sunshine at you either. If you just want to hear that everything is wonderful about everything blah blah blah, then I suggest visiting another blog. If you want the truth about the product, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes products are great and we’ll let you know that. Sometimes we make products mad by exposing their inadequacies. Hey, maybe they should work better, right?

That brings me to my review today. First, I want to say that I am one of the only people I know that does not have a cleaning service. No joke. Neighbors, friends, family members all have them. No matter how big or small their house is, how much money they make or even how many kids they have (some have no kids!), they all have their houses cleaned by someone else. Am I jealous? You betcha! I obviously don’t have my priorities in check and maybe if I cut back on the Starbucks Grande Java Chip Frappachino Lites, I could not only possibly lose 10 lbs but use that money to put towards a cleaning crew. I know what you are saying- “not everyone has a cleaning crew, Hollie”. Oh, but they do, my friend. I stood in my driveway today with my jaw hanging open as a team (team =5) of cleaning ladies sporting matching uniforms similar to what cleaning ladies wear in a hotel came marching out of my neighbor’s house with buckets, mops and cleaning supplies in hand. What?!?!? I’m sorry, one of those parents doesn’t even work AND they only have one kid! Really?!? But I digress.

So, it’s cleaning night in the Schultz household. Translation: I clean while the three tornados around me mess it up at the same time. Ala tornado-style, my kids pick up everything in their path and drop it where ever they feel like it. Yeah, they are a joy to clean up after. I’m going to be honest, my house is big. It takes a long time to clean. Hence, the supreme jealousy of people with a cleaning service. When it’s time to clean the wood floor, I lovingly shove all three kids and the hubby outside to play. There is quite a bit of wood floor to clean and I’m not having them mess it up before I’m done.

Your Wood Floors Are Better Off Dirty!Enter Pledge Floor Care 4-in-1 Wood Cleaner. It’s new. Well, new to me. I picked it up during my last shopping trip when Walmart was out of my usual wood floor cleaning product. It says “Johnsons Commercial Line” on the bottle. It’s gotta work great, right? It claims to clean, shine, restore and protect my wood floor. The bottle claims that it “reveals natural shine, safely removes dirt and grime and no dulling residue.“ Hmmm…I like Pledge I’ll try it out, I thought.

After spending 45 minutes with the Pledge Floor Care, what’s my advice? Don’t use it! Seriously, don’t use it. Now, I’m not mad about wasting the $5 that I spent on the big bottle. It’s the 45 minutes that I will never get back. Do you know what I can do with 45 minutes?

So, what went wrong? Here’s how it went down. I followed the directions. I lightly misted the formula directly from the bottle onto the floor and cleaned it up with a damp mop. All seemed to be going well. It was cleaning the floor well. It was drying quickly. All seemed good. Just to make sure the floor completely dried before letting the tornados in the house, we went to get pizza. Hey, it’s cleaning night…give me a break! The floor sat untouched for an hour and half. This was not necessary according to the bottle though. This is a cleaner NOT a “refinisher”. We get back from grabbing pizza and resumed our regular traffic on the wood floor. This is when my heart sank. The Pledge leaves a slight film on the floor that every single footprint shows up. Bare feet. Socks. Shoes. It doesn’t matter. Footprints EVERYWHERE! My floor looked better dirty than it does cleaned with Pledge Floor Cleaner littered with footprints. Now, when I am finished with this post, I have to go back to the store, find another cleaner, and redo my floor since I have company coming tomorrow. That is going to take at least an hour and a half. Add that to the 45 minutes I already spent cleaning with the Pledge and that leaves me saying BOOOOOOOOOO Pledge Floor Care.

Seriously, don’t do it. You will never get the wasted time back. Maybe I should just get a cleaning crew?


  1. I was selling my house and wanted it to look great so hired someone to clean the floors, etc. Floor was less than 6 months old and I had been cleaning it with a swiffer type product and it did a great job, leaving no film or streaks, etc. unless I let the floor get too dirty and had to do it over. I came home after the cleaners had been there and had used Pledge for floors on my floor. It was a disaster. Every footprint showed, it was streaky to the max, you could see where the mop had made circles in the floor and it dulled my shiny Brazilian Cherry floors to look dusty. Not only that, but when we tried to get the mess off, it got worse. It would not come off after trying two other floor cleaning products, ammonia, Windex, mineral spirits, water with vinegar, and I can’t figure out what to do. Not only would it get worse but it would get more gucky. We start buffing the floor, one board at a time and after an hour of doing this we decided it was working but would take 3-4 days with 5-6 people working. I found a product that cleaned it off that was an orange solution also taking the same amount of time, but the cleaning lady spent $500.00 hiring a service who said they could buff the floor clean. They buffed and I have no idea what it looked like buffed because when I came home they were adding yet another product to the floor which made it look better, but still streaked and left footprints. I don’t know what my next option is short of sanding and re-finishing.

  2. I just Google’d “Pledge floor cleaners” to see if anybody else had a terrible experience! Great article, sorry about your wasted time. I bought two products from the Pledge floor care line to clean and finish my linoleum floors. The cleaner claimed to leave a streak-free shine…it was the streakiest cleaner I’ve ever had the misfortune to use. I had to mop my floors four times with my old cleaner to get the spots and streaks out. I should have stopped there, but I thought maybe the finish would be alright (two products in a row can’t be terrible, right?) The finish was just as bad. Not cool, Pledge.

  3. hi hollie, can you tell me what you are currently using and if you found something to work? My hardwoods are terrible!! send me an email if you can. I’m DYING to know what will work. My floors are DULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

    • I got a cleaning lady. 😉 Yep, it’s true. She now does my floors once every two weeks and I have no idea what she uses. In between her visits, I clean them with a Eureka Enviro Steamer. Hope this helps!

  4. We really like the method wood for good spray. Just be careful when you first use it because the floors can get pretty slippery. It shines them up and cleans them beautifully though!

  5. Haan steam mop is the Best!! Keeps my floors clean and bacteria free…which is what I need with a toddler, a baby and a dirty dog!!

  6. My husband is a manager at Bed Bath and Beyond. After working there for just a month or so, he bought me a steam mop. When the Vac then Steam by Shark came out we upgraded to it. Best investment ever!

  7. YES, get a shark steam mop! not only will your floors look great, but they will be sanitary and free of chemicals. they are safe to use on wood floors… made to be used on wood, tile, whatever. love, love, love mine! and i just got their liftaway navigator vac… i am also in love with it! i think they have a deal online where you buy the vac and the steam mop comes FREE!!! if not, bed bath & beyond carries them and you can use 20% off coupons!

  8. I have the Bissel sweep and mop dealie and it rocks. My kitchen floor is always in a state of crumbs, and spit out apple peels that my 23 month old won’t eat, but wont’s eat apple if you peel it? Lol. ANyways this thing sweeps and mops at the same time! It’s such a time saver.

  9. I second the Bona cleaning microfiber moo and spray. That stuff us the absolute bomb and leaves my wood floors prettier than my steam mop does. After finding Bona I wouldn’t dream of trying something else! Good luck!

  10. I’m a huge fan of Method products. We were using the Orange Glo mop set on the hardwoods in our last house, but they left a film we had to pay someone to remove. 🙁

  11. Water, dab of murphys oil soap, regular sponge mop. Do the floor quick (not against the grain) and wipe down with a towel immediately so the water doesn’t soak up. Presto!

  12. I have the shark steam pocket mop and would never go back to any other way of cleaning. It’s great! Check it out!

  13. Argh! Happened to me too with a similar Pledge product. Mine is a general ‘floor’ cleaner for wood, tile and other floor types. Smells great.. cleaned up stuck on food and messes great.. but left that darn filmy residue and same footprint issue. I have a giant gallon container of it that I bought at Home Depot!

  14. I was about to purchase a steam mop a couple of days ago. My husband looked at me like I was crazy and said I couldn’t use it on wood floors. Is it safe to use on wood floors? And which one do you recommend?

  15. I second the steam mop!
    I have a basic Shark Steam mop and I love it, I actually just cleaned my floors today, it never cease to amaze me how well it works!

    • Why have I never tried a steam mop? Actually, I’m not even sure what a steam mop is. 🙂 I’m looking it up now and purchasing tonight!!

  16. oh that stinks! can i recommend a cleaning product? it’s not for floors, but it works great on getting that nasty oil gunk that cakes on to pans, baking sheets etc. it is also fantastic at cleaning glass cooktops. it’s called Dawn Power Dissolver. i can’t remember where i first bought it, but needless to say after i moved across country, it was very difficult to find in stores. the rick with this stuff is to let it set for a bit, and then come back to clean. i mean it totally beats scrubbing that sticky goo that accumulates on pans.

  17. OK, so I am a floor cleaning crazy woman. I’ve tried every product out there and every method to clean tile, laminate, ceramic, wood and whatever that crappy college apartment flooring is … I have 5 dogs, 1 pig, 1 husband and 1 child. I actually like the pledge. When my husband does the floor it resembles what you experienced. When I do the floor, it a beautiful glossy shiny little piece of heaven … wood, laminate and ceramic. I have no idea what hubby and I do differently. Did you use a mop or a microfiber cloth? I use the later, the cloth and “mop” from the Orange Glo kit. I think hubs may have used a sponge mop. My housekeeper taught me to use windex on wood and laminate for touch ups and a mixture of water, vinegar and a few droplets of Dawn for big cleans, then wipe down (with feet, no hands and knees) with a towel to get any moisture up and leave sparkly.

    Hope that helps.

    • Wow, Nannette! Thanks! That does help a lot! I used the microfiber cloth from the Orange Glo Kit too. I think I’m going to try the windex and the water, vinegar and dawn next time. thanks again! – Hollie

  18. This made me laugh because it happened to me, too! I love good ole pinesol on my wood floors. I have to admit that within the last year I did pay someone a couple of times to come clean floors in my big ole house. But, hey, my husband is deployed, we have 3 young girls, and I homeschool and work part-time. So I didn’t feel too terribly guilty.

  19. Grrr! Not cool! Have you tried a steam mop!? I have an oreck and I’m in LOVE! It is earth friendly…uses water and reusable mop pads! Hands down it is the BEST thing I’ve ever used on my hardwoods!!! I laugh everytime I think about how I used to use my swiffer or other wood floor cleaner! I can truly “FEEL” the difference with my bare feet!:) Well worth the money!!!

    • Oh, Amanda, I have not tried a steam mop. Hmmm…that might be a good idea. I have tried everything to get my wood floors to look good. Yep, I’m the swiffer and wood cleaner junkie and it’s just not doing the job. I’m going to look into the steam mops tonight. Thanks for the tip! – Hollie


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