Zazu Sleeptrainer Helps Mornings Start Later (GIVEAWAY)

Zazu Sleeptrainer Helps Mornings Start Later 

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Baby Gizmo Must-Have Monday is back with a fantastic product that may help start your mornings a little later. Who could use a little more sleep in the mornings and avoid that 4am wake up call from your toddler or preschooler? I’m sure there are quite a few hands up from sleep deprived parents.

A mum from Holland heard your cries and created an adorable sleep trainer that provides an easy, structured and fun way for kids to learn when it’s time to get up.

Meet SAM the Lamb Sleeptrainer.zazu sheep

This cute little guy lets kids know when it’s okay to get out of bed in the morning and also works great for nap time or as a standard alarm clock.

Here’s how SAM works:

Time to Sleep

You set the time when you’d like your child to get up. When it is time to go to bed, press the button to close Sam’s eyes, showing your child it is time to sleep. Sam’s display will light up dark blue and can stay lit the entire night or automatically shut off 5-15 or 30 minutes after the eyes have closed.

Just a little longer

30 minutes before the eyes will open, the display will light up and change to green, showing your child it is only a little longer. It even features 12 stars on the display that count down the end of bedtime.

OK to get up

When it is time to get up, Sam’s eyes will open and the display changes to light blue, letting your child know it is OK to get up.

Zaza Sleeptrainer

Plus, Sam the Lamb isn’t just for preschoolers or toddlers because it grows with your child and can be bought for any age.

  • Toddler can understand the visual cues of the eyes opening and closing very well
  • Preschoolers can start to understand the color cues of “still sleep time – blue” “almost time – green” & “awake time – bright blue”
  • Older kids can use as an Alarm Clock. It features different sounds to choose from and older kids even enjoy the eyes opening in the morning.
  • Kids also relate to SAM as a friend (like a stuffed animal or toy) . They are excited to put him to sleep with them at night and wait gleefully till he awakens in the morning.
  • Also can be set to illuminate the blue (nighttime) screen throughout the night (as a nightlight).


  • Teaches kids how to read digital and analog time

Practical Options:

  • Nap mode
  • Overnight mode
  • Once you set it up its easy to use every night

SAM the Sheep comes with a AC/DC adapter but can also work on 4 AA batteries and retails for $49 on

Buy Zazu Sleeptrainer Sam the Lamb on

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