Zobo 2X Twin Umbrella Stroller Review

I have been struggling with stroller options lately. My daughter is 10 months and my son just turned 3, so he’s hitting that age where he wants nothing to do with a stroller. However, he still can’t hang when it comes to events with lots of walking, like the boardwalk, the zoo, or a baseball game. I am also tired of my full size double stroller take up my entire trunk of my car.

I started to research double umbrella strollers, and WOW, what a range of options! I already have a really nice double stroller, so my husband was very vocal that I not spend a lot of money on this one. (Read: the Maclaren Twin Triumph and Uppababy G-Link Double were out.) However, the ‘cheap’ double umbrellas I found during my search looked just that – cheap.  They lacked underseat baskets, sizable canopies, and quality materials. They seemed flimsy.

I was bouncing back and forth between the Chicco Echo Twin and the Zobo 2X. Zobo is exclusively sold at Babies R Us – it is their private brand. The Zobo was significantly cheaper, so I opted to purchase that one. (It retails for $159.99 but is usually on sale for around $120).


Overall, I’ve been very happy with this stroller. It’s been a nice “mid grade” stroller for our day-to-day uses. It has a great amount of features, especially given the price. Most notably:

-Individual reclining seats with adjustable leg rests.

-Oversized canopy – each seat has its own.

-Easy to fold and stands when folded.

-Five point harnesses.

-Storage basket with front access.

-Accommodates up to 45 pounds per seat.

-Lockable front wheels, easy to navigate.


In the sense of an honest review, I do have one complaint. I still find the Zobo to be large even when folded. Upon speaking with a store employee, though, I’ve learned this is the norm of all double strollers – and the Zobo is one of the most compact double umbrellas. It takes up less space than my full-size double stroller, so that is a win.

The Zobo X2 Twin Umbrella Stroller can be purchased exclusively at Babies R Us.