ZoLi is Keeping it Safe and Practical for Baby (VIDEO)

ZoLi is Keeping it Safe and Practical for Baby (VIDEO)

I came across two new-ish products lately that I think you should know about. I figured telling you about them was fine and dandy but showing them to you in a video was even better!

The two products are from the ZoLi company that makes safe and non-toxic baby products. ZoLi takes everyday baby products that you need and use and makes them smarter, more stylish and safer. By safer, we are talking about free of toxins such as lead, phthalates, PVC and BPA.

In our Baby Gizmo video today, I am highlighting the ZoLi Bot Straw Cup and the ZoLi Stuck.

For more information on ZoLi products, you can visit their website at http://www.zolibaby.com

Shop the ZoLi Straw Cup HERE

Shop the ZoLi Stuck Bowl HERE


  1. Love it! Zoli stuff is fun.

    Share more info on baby products that are bpa, phthalate and pvc free. There’s a lot out there about feeding and toys, but I’ve been struggling to find info about baby bouncers, activity centers. play yards and swings that are free of these chemicals.


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