Zoomer Interactive Dog Review (VIDEO)


Oh, Zoomer! A $100 interactive dog that you have to train so that he acts like a real dog? Well, a real dog that doesn’t pee on your carpet, eat your shoes or shed all over your house. Yep, that kind of dog. When we passed this pup in Toys R Us last month, and I was shocked by the sticker price, I knew we had to find out if he really worked. As in REALLY worked – not like the Fijit craze of a couple of years ago. You remember Fijit, right? The kids had fun chatting and dancing with him for about 2 days and then he ended up collecting dust in the toy box next to the Zhu Zhu Pets. Well, until I cleaned him up and turned him into Fijit 2.0 in my According to Moms video. At least Fijit wasn’t $100 though!

Yikes, $100 is a lot for a robot dog, in my opinion, but my puppy-loving daughter has been begging for a dog for YEARS! Okay, don’t get me wrong, I at no time thought that Zoomer would be the same as a real puppy, but we had to find out if he was at least a fun toy that would keep the kids’ attention for more than a week. Or if he was just a hyped-up holiday toy that every kid HAD to have and then forgot about by New Year’s Day.

Zoomer hit the shelves before the holiday season last year, so we are a little behind on this one, but since he is still lining the shelves at Toys R Us, he clearly is still selling. By the way, he comes in purple too, but what real dog is purple, right?!?

Check out what our Lil’ Baby Gizmo tester thought of Zoomer in our video below…

BUY Zoomer Here (PS. He is cheaper on Amazon than Toys R Us!)