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  1. Little Ivie Rose is one of my favorite places to shop for babies and kids handmade clothing! They always post new items. I especially love their baby/toddler cosplay! You should check them out as well! Thank you for the list!

  2. Those t-shirt are so cool. The “hello ladies” one will get a lot of attention. Thank you for the extensive list of brands will give them each a look.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a great range of brands. I really love the little Freshly Picked moccasins, they are gorgeous especially the blue and the gold pair.

  4. I love Little z Kids! They have their own line of clothes and other awesome designers from around the world. Everything is gender neutral too so my boy & girl can share!

  5. Oh my heck! You must check out Ana Apple designs. She makes the most amazing Eco conscious adorable shirts. Perfect for little rock stars. They are amazingly well made and she uses high quality tees. My daughter loves her girly skull tee. Wednesdays are her sale days.

  6. We love el sage designs! Not mentioned is Neve/hawk. Totally adorable and run by a neat couple with clothes I wish they made for adults! Great quality too:)

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