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20 Cool Kid Brands You May Not Know About

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Today I thought it would be fun to share 20 cool kids fashion brands that you may not know about. While it’s all fine and dandy to shop at Baby Gap and Gymboree, I always prefer to shop at Mom and Pop stores when I can. I like to support shops run by parents, clothes handmade in the USA, and small businesses whenever I can. I love to dress my son in unique clothing items that no one else around us has. I enjoy the hunt of new stores and brands and I love discovering and falling in love with new sites. I hope you will love these cool brands as much as I do, find something new, and check them all out!

Kids Brands
Photo Source: PreFresh Kids, Freshly Picked, Little Hip Squeaks, Chaser Kids Brand.

Little Hip Squeaks. I adore this brand of the coolest kids leggings you’ll ever see. The colors are bright, the patterns are fun, and they also have cute shorts, hats, and headbands.

Hello Apparel. Not only is Hello Apparel a cool kid’s brand, it’s a cool adult brand too. If you’re into matching your kids like I am, then this hip brand is just for you.

Freshly Picked. Freshly Picked makes the cutest moccasins for your kids in the world. There have been a lot of brands who try to recreate this moccasin but it’s signature look is one of a kind and can’t be beat!

Candy Kirby Designs. This site is home to the “plus three” legging design. The coolest legging that comes in a ton of different colors. Besides leggings, Candy Kirby now offers shorts, blankets, pillows, and even crib sheets!

Of One Sea. Of One Sea is a laid back, up and coming surfer brand straight from Hawaii. Their logo is awesome and their kids line is too cool! Aloha!

Little Boogaweezin. This awesome shop is packed full of the most creative tees and tanks for your little ones.

El Sage Designs. El Sage is a totally awesome and totally unique site. Everything is hand stamped which gives each tee a unique, one of a kind look! I love all the designs they have to offer and they make adult clothes, too!

KinShip Goods. You know those shops you discover and you just fall so hard for them? Well that’s KinShip Goods for me. Their kids tees are to die for.

Loola. Loola makes comfort fashionable. Their cool, laid back kids lounge pants will have your children seriously styling even on the most casual of days. You can’t beat effortless style!

Indie Nook. Indie Nook has an awesome indie vibe and is packed full of one of a kind clothes for your littles. They’ve got tees, tanks, pants, everything. A one stop shop!

A Little Lark. A Little Lark has awesome animal tees, fun moon shirts, and they even have accessories for the kids, too!

Passive Juice Motel. Talk about clever. If you’re into humor and witty tees for your kids, then this shop is for you!

The Printed Palette. This shop has cute tees with equally cute sayings for the whole family.

Thief And Bandit Kids. To put it lightly, I’m obsessed with this shop. They make the cutest leggings that are all handmade, hand painted, and hand sewn. They also make dresses and they have an adult shop that’s definitely work checking out, too! Your kids are going to be super styling with this one.

Chaser Kids. Chaser Brand has a variety of tees that all have a really vintage feel to them that I love. My favorite is their National Geographic tee.

Sandbox Threads. This clever shop has hilarious tees and onesies for adults, kids, and babies. They’ve got Bill Murray shirts, band tees, and clever sayings that will have you in stitches.

Mason And The Tambourine. This one woman run shop creates cool, funky leggings that your kids will love just as much as you will!

Little Four. This neat shop features a variety of children’s clothing items with an Aztec, tribal feel that I love.

Do you have any favorite kid fashion brands that we may not have heard of? Be sure to leave us a comment and add to the list.

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