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Need a suggestion? Check out our review on the Samsung 4 Door Flex Refrigerator or the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer or one of our favorite strollers the Contours Element. Check out all our reviews before your next purchase!

25 Days of Holiday Reading

Our family is rolling through some big transitions this Christmas season and rather than feel grumpy/annoyed/depressed about how I imagined things would be and how they’re not, I’m taking these changes as the opportunity to start some new traditions! My little ones are two and four so Christmas is magical in every sense of the word. My …

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25 Christmas Gifts for 2-year-olds

I’m so excited to celebrate Christmas with my toddler twins this year, and to see them enjoy their gifts as big 2-year-old girls. It’s tricky coming up with Christmas gifts for 2-year-olds, especially two of them. I definitely want to choose items that they’ll love, will be worth the investment, won’t annoy me too much, …

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DIY Ikea Playroom Built-in Billy Bookcase | DAD HACK

As many of you know, we recently moved into a new house. Even though it is a brand new house, there are a million things to do to get settled in. I’m not just talking about actual unpacking of boxes but trying to figure out where everything will go. A new house means a new layout and …

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