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Bread Recipes

Baking bread is actually really easy (and fast) – if you have an awesome recipe. Let us help with our family-friendly recipes.

Need a suggestion? Consider our gluten free Monkey Bread Cream Cheese Frosting or our amazing Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread or the kids favorite Lemon Poppyseed Muffins. Find a new favorite your family will love today!

Monkey Bread With Cream Cheese Frosting (Gluten Free)

Monkey Bread – the ooey gooey dessert that brings out the inner monkey in us as we pull apart the caramelized cinnamon sugar goodness piece by piece. This version is topped off with a delectable cream cheese frosting, resulting in a marriage of cinnamon rolls and donut holes. Monkey bread, also known as pull apart bread, is traditionally made from yeast …

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10 Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes

Paleo Thanksgiving recipes certainly are in high demand these days. During the holidays, it can be very difficult for us to watch what we eat, especially if we have dietary restrictions or preferences. We want to enjoy the comfort foods of our childhood, but the tried and true recipes from previous generations just won’t work. …

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Flourless Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Tired of eating eggs for breakfast every morning? These Flourless Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins will be your new go-to breakfast! I love simple recipes that don’t require a lot of prep and clean up. I came across this healthy banana bread recipe, and I was sold when I found out that you could make muffins by simply throwing …

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10 Healthy And Delicious Vegan Recipes

Whoever said vegan food wasn’t tasty was seriously mistaken. All you need is the right recipes and proper execution of them, and you will have yourself a meal thats just as delicious as any other kind of recipe that’s got meat. Check out these healthy recipes so you can see just how versatile and scrumptious vegan food …

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Remembering the “Essential” Families, Too

I know many aren’t, but I’m the praying type. And every night, my husband and I circle our two kids together before bedtime and say a prayer. It’s no surprise that we keep certain people we know are struggling in those thoughts and prayers, while also including a broader exclamation for those on the frontlines …

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