About Us

Baby Gizmo Family Influencers

Baby Gizmo is one of the most popular family lifestyle sites in the world dedicated to tips, videos, fashion, travel, food and humor.

The company was founded in 2005 by Hollie Schultz, a popular YouTuber and parenting expert. This mom influencer has been featured in numerous magazines, news segments, TV shows, and digital platforms.

Baby Gizmo has become a family affair. Hollie’s husband, Lee, runs his own popular YouTube channel, Mr. Gizmo, that features technology, DIYs, and dad reviews.

Savannah (15) is well-known Gen Z influencer that shares teen tips, fashion, travel and product reviews for her followers on The Savvy Life YouTube Channel.

Junior Gizmo features the Schultz Boys, Sawyer (13) and Sutton (11). They tackle anything related to boys including challenge videos, gaming, product reviews and teen/tween tips.