About Us

About Us

Welcome to Baby Gizmo!

My name is Hollie Schultz. I am the mother of 3 children under the age of 9 (as well as 7 siblings, 21 nieces and nephews and 19 first cousins!), I’ve done my fair share of baby product shopping. And since the average mom spends $11,000 on baby gear the first year of her child’s life, I did the math and discovered, I’ve spent over $35,000!

I am a middle class mom from middle America and don’t part with that much money easily. So I’ve been extremely choosy, almost obsessive, about my purchases. I am the mom who takes the strollers off the shelf, takes products out of the box; I buy, try, and I am not afraid to return. I’ve been known to take a box of batteries to the store so I could see a product in action and even lick the merchandise (Yes, lick the merchandise. Some of that industrial plastic tastes nasty!).

Over the years, my product research skills expanded to include frequent calls directly to the manufacturers, trips to industry trade shows and the eventual creation of The Baby Gizmo Company. Baby Gizmo has evolved into an independent product testing and research coalition of moms, pediatricians and child development experts from around the country.

We leave the crash testing and safety ratings to the government and consumer organizations like Consumer Reports, but while we love their information, we found their reviews don’t speak to other important issues, like if the music is annoying or you’ll ever get dried green beans out of the cracks.

Our product testing is real-world testing. We weigh products. We throw food on them. We run through parking lots carrying them, two other kids and our diaper bags.
I created BabyGizmo.com to be the Web’s first and only product resource site dedicated to baby gear that a mom could trust. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoy creating it!

Baby Gizmo is the only online parenting resource tool for moms and expectant parents to feature news, reviews, blogs, videos, price comparisons and key information all in one place. As a top parenting site, we are dedicated to helping moms shop smarter.