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Exploring Freedom: Unveiling the BOB Gear Renegade Wagon – A Comprehensive Review

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Welcome to the next frontier in family adventures with the BOB Gear Renegade Wagon! Today, we’ll share with you the amazing features and unmatched versatility of this innovative wagon. Designed by BOB Gear, renowned for its high-performance strollers and gear, the Renegade Wagon is changing the way families explore the great outdoors. From its super rugged design to its spacious interior (that accommodates THREE kids) and advanced maneuverability, every aspect of the Renegade Wagon is built with adventure-seeking families in mind. Get ready to dive into the details of this game-changing wagon and discover why it’s a must-have for active families everywhere.

BOB Renegade Wagon


The BOB Gear Renegade Wagon offers ample seating capacity, making it ideal for families of all sizes. With its innovative design, this wagon accommodates up to three children, providing room for them to sit and enjoy the ride. With three, adjustable, 5-point harnesses, one on the seat closest to the handle and two on the opposite seat, the BOB keeps your little riders safely in place during the ride. Whether you’re heading to the park for a picnic, exploring nature trails, or simply taking a stroll around the neighborhood, the Renegade Wagon ensures that the children can ride in style. Additionally, the wagon’s sturdy construction and durable materials provide peace of mind, knowing that it can handle the weight and activity levels of multiple passengers.

BOB Renegade Seats


The maximum weight capacity of the wagon (child plus storage items weight) is 165 lbs or 55 lbs per seat. It is built for children who can sit unassisted BUT there is an exception if you buy the infant car seat adapter making it usable with a baby with sufficient head and neck control (read: NO newborns!).


While most of your wagon adventures will be outside, canopies are important to shade your little riders. We are pleased that BOB threw a little shade (the good kind, of course!) to the riders with water resistant, UPF 50+ dual canopies that keeps them covered.


Of course, you want to take the wagon off the beaten path, and the XtraMile™ tires & SmoothShox™ suspension are ready to charge through any terrain. The Polyurethane Foam tires (read: no flats on this baby!) are 12″ in the back and 8″ in the front and are rugged enough to tackle off-roading. There is a one-step footbrake that we love as you don’t see many brakes on toddler wagons these days.

BOB Renegade Wheels


The BOB Gear handle is easy to grasp and is large enough for two hands for when you have older siblings who would like to “help pull the wagon”. It also unlocks so that it can move with how high or low you’d like to have it for pulling it comfortably for your height.

BOB Renegade Handle


There are two cupholders on the handlebar and a large snack tray that snaps into the center of the wagon that features two more cup/bottle holders and three small separated snack areas. The snack tray can also be removed and snapped onto the back of the wagon so that it can still be used but it’s out of the way.

While we love almost everything about the BOB Gear Renegade, if we have three little riders on board, we think it lacks in the storage department. Sure, when you have an empty seat or two, you can throw a diaper bag or some essentials on that seat, but if you are fully loaded there is no extra storage room except a few small storage pockets. Since our kids aren’t happy holding things on their laps, we’d LOVE to see BOB add some type of extra storage. We think some type of basket or bag that clips to the same attachments on the back of the stroller for the baby tray would be brilliant!!


Yes, the BOB Renegade Wagon folds down and it’s awesome! All you have to do is: 1) Lift up on the lever on the back of the seat closest to the handle and fold that seat down. 2) Lift up on the lever on the back of the remaining seat and fold that down. 2) Lift the gray lever on the handle and fold down the handle. Yes, it has to be done in that order but when both seats fold down, the frame flattens out and becomes more compact to fit in your trunk. You can also pop the wheels off if you need a more compact package.

Unfolding the wagon is even easier.

  1. Unlock and lift up the handle.
  2. Step on the SafeAssist™ pedal and the back seat will pop up.
  3. Then lift up the remaining seat and the wagon is ready to go.
BOB Renegade Fold

The wagon can even stand on its own if you need to storage it somewhere that way.

BOB Renegade Standing Fold

Overall, we are in love with this rugged, workhorse wagon that not only accommodates three riders but also is built strong to charge with all types of terrain. The BOB Gear Renegade Wagon stands out as a top-notch choice for families seeking adventure and convenience. With its rugged design, ample seating capacity, and innovative features like the XtraMile™ tires and SmoothShox™ suspension, this wagon is built to tackle any terrain with ease. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to limitless adventures with the BOB Gear Renegade Wagon – the ultimate companion for family outings and exploration.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.