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10 Crazy Baby Products!

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If you “Like” us on Facebook and follow our page, you may have seen our post about the Flying Falcon Infant Car Seat Carrier. Which got me thinking: what other weird, ridiculous, crazy baby products are out there on the market? I know there are a lot of gag gifts out there (and I’m really hoping some of these are!) but seriously, what are people actually trying to sell us out there?

crazy baby products

When I got to searching the internet for crazy baby products a lot of funny things popped up. But BEWARE – there is also a lot of grotesque controversial products out there. Some of which I myself found pretty offensive and tasteless. So if you decide to do some research of your own, be fully prepared for all the truly CRAZY things people sell.

Back to the fun side of things, here are 10 crazy baby products:

butt fan

Baby Butt Fan Yep. Butt. Fan. This is used to prevent diaper rash. While this sounds like a fantastic way to dry your baby’s bottom after wiping, I’m pretty sure by the time I remembered to use the fan it would be dry anyway. Not to mention I’m not sure my little one (or anyone really) would enjoy the surprise breeze that would come with using a fan. Add a mini heater and I’m sold.


Kaloo Baby Perfume – I understand their whole concept of “developing babies’ sense of smell,” but why would anyone want to cover up the perfect smell of brand new baby? It only lasts for so long! The perfumes are alcohol free, so it isn’t harsh on their perfectly soft and sensitive baby skin.


Baby heels/cleats Okay so clearly by the heel’s brand name (Heelarious) they are meant as a gag gift, and they even state on their website, “Extremely funny, completely soft shoes for babies 0-6 months designed to look like high heels. Not intended for walking (heel will collapse with weight).  Not intended to harm children in any way.” And of course, there has to be a boy version out there (they also have pink cleats) with the My First Cleats.

The Baby keeper

The Babykeeper For this one I’m not sure whether I am amazed and want one, or if this is just a bad idea all around. I mean for me I can think of so many other times I would use this. Toddler acting up? Hang out for a time out. Need a moment of peace? Babykeeper to the rescue. At $39.99, I’ll take 5.

poo alarm

Poop alarm After looking into this one, there is actually more than one version. Could you imagine sticking this on a newborn? Not only would it scare them with the “alarm,” but it would be going off constantly!

ipotty with ipad
travel urinals

iPotty/travel urinals The iPotty. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Some of you may even have contemplated getting it. I am just worried about putting my iPad so close to a training potty…and then of course the fact that every time that my toddler would have to go to the bathroom he’d want some form of entertainment. As for the travel urinal, I don’t think I want to risk being peed on any more than usual.

the daddle dad saddle

Daddle This is BRILLIANT! A saddle for dad! But so so so ridiculous. I must have one. Ideal for ages 2-6.

morning chicness bag

Morning “chicness” bags As if morning sickness couldn’t get any worse. Why not carry around these totes adorbs bags to barf in? Sold in packs of 10, 20, 50, or 100!

baby bangs

Baby Bangs I don’t have baby girls, so maybe I don’t understand the need for these. But really…do you want pictures of your baby with FAKE hair? Don’t you want to embarrass her later on in life by being able to say, “You were bald forever! Everyone thought you were a boy!” It literally says on their site “I’m not a boy!”


Kickbee I have to admit that this is a cute idea. It’s a band that goes around your belly, and when it senses your baby kicking, it tweets or texts, “I kicked mommy!” While this is a crazy product to me, I can see where someone would want this in our technology age, or if your family isn’t there to experience it with you.

What are some crazy baby product you’ve stumbled across? Let us know in the comments!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.