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12 Amazing DIY Home Decor Projects From Pinterest

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I have an obsession and its name is Pinterest. Pinterest has it all. From recipes to fashion to DIY projects. If I’m looking for something, chances are my beloved Pinterest has it waiting for me. We just recently moved back to my hometown of Los Angeles and our new house is bigger than anything we’ve ever had before. I now have empty space that I’m looking to fill and several DIY projects that I want to create, so I’ve turned to Pinterest to help me out on my quest. Today I wanted to share 15 great DIY home décor projects I’ve found on Pinterest!

Photo Source: Fres Home

EAT Sign. I saw this idea for wooden letters that spell EAT and I immediately ordered my own wooden letters online. I can’t wait to prime and paint them when they arrive at my doorstep! A great idea for the kitchen!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Framed Name. Instead of the typical name above a crib in a nursery, what about the idea of spelling out your last name and framing it somewhere in your living room? You could easily and cheaply use molding from Home Depot to do the job.

Photo Source: Hi Sugar Plum

Golden Plastic Animals. This is another DIY project on my very long list. All you have to do is get plastic animals and gold spray paint. With a fresh new coat of paint, these cute animals really come to life and add glamour to any room!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Spice Rack. If you’re into organization like I am, you’re going to want to make this DIY spice rack immediately. It’s such an easy and clever way to keep things orderly!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Button Letters. All you need to complete this creative project is a frame, glue, and buttons. I love the idea of doing one big initial letter or spelling out something sweet like Home.

Photo Source: The Corner Apartment

Wine Cork Art. If you or anyone you know is a wine drinker, start saving the corks every time you pop open a bottle. Use the corks to make a beautiful heart or other shape on your wall!

Photo Source: Bead and Cord

Decorative Wreaths. Fall is here, and it’s the perfect time to make a beautiful wreath for your door. Christmas will be here before we know it, so you can even make a festive red and green one too while you’re at it.

Photo Source: Bead and cord

Magazine Rack. This clever idea for storing your magazines is great because it keeps them all together in a cute way while putting them on display. All you need is some wood and strong wire.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Striped Walls. If you want an easy way to instantly add drama and life to a plain and boring white wall, add stripes! Whether you paint the stripes on or add stripes by using tape, this idea is fabulous!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Laundry Decoration. I never thought laundry could actually be cute. But this is! Use shelf holders to stack laundry baskets on top of each other. Not only is it cute and clever, it keeps everything in the same spot while still being organized.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Yarn Banner Wall Art. This is the perfect craft for someone on a budget and looking to fill empty wall space. You can be as creative as you want with this project and use any color and length of yarn you want to make a one of a kind masterpiece!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Terrariums. Terrariums are gorgeous and bring nature right in your house in a gorgeous and appealing way. Be sure to keep them out of your little ones’ reach!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.