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15 Baby Shower Ideas

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There aren’t many things more exciting than a baby shower. There are so many creative and genius ideas out there on how to make your baby shower both beautiful and one of a kind. Today I’ve gathered together 15 of those amazing ideas to share with you. Enjoy!

Cookies and Milk
Photo Source: It’s Written On The Walls

Cookies and Milk Shots. I love this adorable idea for a cookies and milk themed baby shower from It’s Written On The Walls. How cute are the cookies on the straw?

Nail Polish
Photo Source: Pinterest

Nail Polish Favors. What party attendee isn’t going to love taking a nail polish home with them as a favor? This adorable idea from Pinterest could be done for a boy, too, by giving a pale blue nail polish away instead.

blue balloon in a row
Photo Source: A Girl and a Boy

Simple DIY Balloon Decor. This super easy decor idea from A Girl and a Boy would only take a few minutes to accomplish and would add so much fun to the baby shower! Do pink if it’s a girl! Bonus: Stick a small glow stick in each balloon for an outdoor party so they light up!

Rattle cake pops
Photo Source: Bakerella

Cake Pop Rattles. This amazingly cute idea from Bakerella not only serves as cute decor for your guests to look at, but they will love eating them, too!

candy favor with hershey bar
Photo Source: Garden Grandmaw

Gender Reveal Favor. I’m loving this gender reveal idea from Garden Grandmaw. They look super simple to make and since it’s a candy, you know everyone will love it.

decorating onesie for new baby
Photo Source: On To Baby

Decorate A Onesie Baby Shower Game. A simple idea for having the guests at your baby shower decorate a onesie for baby from On To Baby.

baby ballots to vote on gender
Photo Source: Brynn And Ashton

Gender Reveal Voting Ballots. The perfect DIY gender reveal voting ballots courtesy of Brynn And Ashton. I love this idea on really getting the guests involved. Plus they are so cute.

baby cupcakes with pacifiers
Photo Source: The High Heeled Hostess

Baby Cupcakes. I’m dying over how cute these baby cupcakes are from The High Heeled Hostess. They even have pacifiers in them!

baby shower cake that looks like diaper bag
Photo Source: Catch My Party

Baby Shower Cake. What’s a baby shower without a crazy cool cake? No matter what the theme, a cake is a must. I love this cake shaped like a diaper bag from Catch My Party.

popcorn favors for baby shower
Photo Source: Eat And Sip In The City

Creative Baby Shower Favor. I love this brilliant and witty popcorn favor idea from Eat And Sip In The City. It’s just as clever as it is cute.

bottles with balloon at shower
Photo Source: Pinterest

Balloon Bottle Decor. This idea for big baby bottles made out of balloons from Pinterest would complete any centerpiece and be the focal point of the party.

daddy gift kit for new baby
Photo Source: Cake Events Blog

Gifts For The Daddy To Be. I love the idea of getting the daddy to be a funny gift for the baby shower. You don’t want him to feel left out. This funny “daddy doody kit” from Cake Events Blog would be perfect.

baby towels to look like flowers
Photo Source: Etsy

Creative Gifts For Mom To Be. Instead of bringing flowers, bring this totally creative spin on flowers made from baby towels that can actually be put to good use! I love this idea from Etsy.

drinks in baby bottles for baby shower
Photo Source: Catch My Party

Crazy Cute Drinks. Try something like this at your baby shower drink station. I love this idea from Catch My Party. The set up is gorgeous, too! Bonus: You can see that the baby bottle lids are taken off so drinking is actually possible.

diaper cake

Diaper Cake. Don’t forget to have someone make the diaper cake for the special occasion! There’s nothing mom needs more than diapers (and maybe some cute toys to go on top, too). I especially love the idea of this one from Pinterest.

collection of baby shower ideas

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