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20 Places I Can’t Take My Two Year Old Toddler

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When my son was a newborn up until just before his first birthday, I swear I could take him anywhere. And I really mean, anywhere! Now that he’s a two year old, things sure have changed. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of 20 places I can’t take my two year old that I could easily take him when he was a newborn.

2 year old pouting

1. Movie Theater. Taking my son to the movies was so easy. I would just bring along my nursing cover and nurse him to sleep. He would sleep through the whole movie. I wouldn’t even TRY to take my son to a movie now.

2. Restaurants. Eating out was such a breeze. Now my husband and I prefer take out every time because the hassle of chasing my son around a restaurant is just not worth it.

3. Grocery Store. My son used to sleep in his baby carrier while I pushed the shopping cart and got groceries. Now he prefers to run screaming down the aisles while I chase him. We now time grocery shopping trips around my husbands work schedule so I can go solo.

4. Shopping Malls. My son is not a fan of shopping malls unless it’s to run in and out of one store. Gone are the days of being able to shop the whole mall while my newborn snoozed in the stroller.

5. Library. Enough said. Unless it’s for a fun story time, disaster.

6. Friend’s Houses. Let me clarify- not ALL of friends houses but some. Any house that isn’t baby proofed is off limits.

7. Starbucks. I remember the days of coffee dates. They seem so long ago. Now it’s drive thru all the way.

8. Post Office. I used to sell things on Ebay frequently and running to drop off packages was a breeze. Not anymore.

9. Errands in general. They are much more of a chore now.

10. Nail salon. I distinctly remember my newborn son sitting on my lap while I got manicures and pedicures. I would love to try that now. It would be a nightmare.

11. Jogging. Running was such a breeze while my son napped in his stroller. While I give him a lot of credit because he still is very well behaved while I run, I just can’t go as long now.

12. Book Store. I used to love to read magazines at the book store (hey, it’s free!) but now I don’t get to do that anymore. It’s all about the kids section and story time (I don’t really mind).

13. Baby Showers. I remember taking my son to multiple baby showers that my friends had and he sat so quietly on my lap.

14. Special trips. My son was a newborn on our 2nd anniversary and we took him along for the trip. He came to all the restaurants with us, he went swimming with us, he napped all the time, it was so easy. It hasn’t happened since.

15. Road Trips. Newborns are known to nap all the time so road trips and being in the car for long periods of times is a breeze with them. Once they hit a certain age, that all goes flying out the window. Take the road trips while you can!

16. Weddings. While I don’t recommend taking babies to a wedding unless the bride or groom specifically requests it, a newborn could handle the occasion much better than a two year old!

17. Bowling. That’s just a no.

18. Miniature Golf. My family loves miniature golf and we used to go all the time. Now it’s just no fun with a two year old swinging a dangerous golf club at your head.

19. Anywhere by water. Let me explain- near pools, parks with water, etc. Recently my family got together to BBQ at a family members complex. There was a pool right by the sitting area and it was really tough. We weren’t swimming but of course my son wanted to. It was basically me chasing him around the entire time. I don’t think I even ended up eating anything.

20. Pediatrician. Now obviously you have to take your child to the doctor, but wasn’t it easier when they were a newborn and didn’t know what was coming? Now that my son is two, he knows exactly where he is as soon as we pull up to the building and he KNOWS that the nurse is going to give him shots.

Disclaimer: I love my two year old. He is a joy and a blessing and he is so much fun. There are so many things he can do now that he couldn’t when he was a newborn and seeing him grow is amazing. Sometimes I just like to think about the times when I could take my newborn ANYWHERE. If you have a newborn- enjoy this stage and everywhere you can go with your precious bundle!

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Monday 24th of June 2013

Moms who commented (esp. On Facebook) should note that one of the tags on this article is "humor." And how ironic that some who take their kids "all these places so they can learn manners etc" aren't displaying their own manners in commenting on the writer.


Monday 24th of June 2013

I completely disagree with this. You make it sound like parents can't leave the house. Ever. All kids are different, but if you discipline them accordingly and explain the behavior you expect before getting out of the car, you shouldn't have any (big) problems. I take my rowdy son to most, if not all, of these places and he does fine. Seriously though- why would you take your infant to a nail salon? To get him high so he passes out in your lap?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.