5 Desserts You Can Make in 5 Minutes

I love baking. My kitchen is my happy place. I love baking so much in fact that I actually bake something homemade every single day. Yes, EVERY DAY. My husband’s coworkers love me. Sometimes the best desserts are the ones that are easy to whip up and still taste amazing! Today I’ve rounded up 5 desserts that you can make in 5 minutes or less! How awesome is that? Keep reading and have your sweet tooth thank me later.

chocolate mousse

1. Chocolate Mousse. This chocolate mousse is sure to please your sweet tooth. It only has two ingredients (water, chocolate), you just need to have a great quality chocolate: at least 70% cocoa!

soft serve

2. Very Berry Soft Serve. Easy to make, delicious, and healthy!

brownie in a cup

3. Microwave Brownie In A Cup. Yes, this delicious brownie takes no more than 5 minutes in the microwave. Maybe even less.  Get the ingredients out and start making!

raw brownies

4. Vegan Walnut Brownies. Being a vegan myself, these are right up my ally.

oreo popcorn

5. Oreo Popcorn. Love popcorn? Love Oreos? Then what’s re you waiting for?!