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5 Questions to Ask Your Obstetrician

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For someone who 1) spends quite a bit of time below your belt and 2) will be one of the first people to hold your precious baby, it’s super important to really get to know the obstetricians you interview before landing on “the one”. When I was making the rounds in the early weeks of my first pregnancy I compiled a list of questions to ask – all the basics and what ifs, but there were 5 questions that really shed light on my potential care providers.

Add these to your interview Q & A and best of luck in the hunt for a provider that fits your family!

What is your c-section rate?

Currently, in the US about 33% of babies are born via cesarean even though the World Health Organization recommends that it be closer to 10-15%. That means there are unnecessary sections happening and as a birth consumer, it’s our responsibility to align with a practice that only turning to surgery in the case of medical necessity.

What does full-term mean to you?

If they answer 37 weeks, you may want to look elsewhere. Although 37 weeks is often quoted as being”full term”, babies born before being truly full-term are three times more likely to suffer from respiratory abnormalities which is not only scary, but can equate to a NICU stay and a much higher birth cost that originally expected.

Where did you/or your spouse birth your baby?

Nothing gives greater insight than learning those details. I was super happy to hear from one OB I interviewed that he supported his wife through a waterbirth the year before.

What methods do you encourage for induction?

This question gives quite a bit of insight into how intervention focused the OB is. Are they aware of safe and natural methods for inducing labor? Do they calm your worries about being “late” or “overdue”? Do they truly believe that babies are born when they are ready?

What pregnancy reading do you recommend?

You can only learn so much from a meet and greet appointment, leave with their reading recommendations and you’re bound to gain a better understanding of where they’re coming from and where they’ll take you and your growing family.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.