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  1. Thanks for sharing the information, I am indeed looking for information about this hair. Looks like I found good information on this article. Nice website 🙂

  2. Getting the hair wet would probably make it a lot more manageable. My kid has so many curls that it takes an hour to get her ready for school. I appreciate your tips, especially about using special shampoos.

  3. Good tips, my curly daughter will have beautiful curls from now on. I use mousse for my hair but I always thought it is wrong to use it for her so I never did.

  4. Great tips on how to properly take care of curly hair for toddlers. Usually, parents find it hard to maintain a healthy hair for their child as they grow up. With your tips, I may be able to curl my daughter once in a while and not worry about the danger effect of what it may do to her hair.

  5. In florida anti humidity serum is a must, and as much as I want hairspray to work it never does, it creates a rats nest

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