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A Trip Down Memory Lane with Fisher-Price

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Yesterday I had the privilege to go behind the scenes at what they call the “Heritage Center” at the Fisher-Price Headquarters in East Aurora, NY. It was definitely a walk down memory lane in what I would call a Fisher-Price museum of practically every cool toy that they have ever made. It was seriously so amazing and nostalgic seeing all the toys that I used to have and even older toys that my parents played with that I had to share some of it with you.

If your parents are anything like mine, they sold all your childhood memories years ago in garage sales to “clean out the house”. Looking at all the glass cases filled with vintage toys made a small part of me with that I had a hoader for a mother so that she would at least have kept one or two of these amazingly simple and fun toys. Here are a few photos of my favorites, and yes, I made the photos look a little vintage to hopefully give you that nostalgic feel as well.

1930s: It all started in the 1930s with these two wooden duck pull toys being some of the first toys Fisher-Price ever made.

Fisher Price Ducks

1940s: The 1940s brought their first licensing deals with Disney. Love the early Donald Duck!

Fisher Price 1940s

Fun Fact: “Little more than a decade after its start, the company stopped making toys for nearly four years, putting its manufacturing skills to work on aircraft parts, ship fenders and medical supply chests.

1950s:  “After the war, rising demand for new housing led to a shortage of wood. Fortunately, the introduction of new mass-produced plastics enabled the company to propel the preschool toy business forward. Inexpensive, lightweight nd extremely durable, plastic could be moldes into unique and intricate shapes.” (Source: Fisher Price Heritage Center) So toys like the Little People Bus were created.

Fisher Price 1950s


1960s: How can you think of the 60s without thinking of one of these family station wagons?!?

Fisher Price Station Wagon

 1970s: In this decade, there were tons of Little People “leaving on a jet plane”…

Fisher Price Airplane

If you have a jet plane, you need an airport, right?!? Fisher-Price had you covered!

Fisher Price Airport

What an adorable ride-on! The Fisher-Price Riding Horse was so simple compared to today’s ride-ons but so fun!

Fisher Price Horse

1980s: Remember the pink dragon with this Play Family Castle? Love.

Fisher Price Castle

Kids today don’t realize the awesomeness that they missed with this gem! I wonder how Bieber would sound on this bad boy? For our younger readers, this is a record player. 😉

Fisher Price Record Player

1990s: I’m sure many of our younger readers remember younger siblings walking around the house with this Fisher-Price Walker.

Fisher Price Walker

 2000: The Little People got an entire makeover. Finally we have something in common – shorter and chunkier. Love it! Here is a big version of the new Little People.

Fisher Price LIttle People

Now, don’t you just feel like yelling at your mom for selling all your childhood memories? The record player? The original Little People Castle? The airplane?

It’s not just me, right?




*Disclosure: I am an official Fisher-Price Play Ambassador. Fisher-Price paid my expenses to travel to the company headquarters. As always, all my statements, opinions and comments are my own.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.