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Babywearing: A Day in the Life of a Baby K’tan Baby

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Babywearing: A Day in the Life of a Baby K’tan Baby

Babywearing Baby K'Tan

Possibly the world’s oldest baby product, baby carriers have been used since the dawn of civilization as a way to keep infants close, but allow parents the freedom to continue working and caring for their family.

Why would a person babywear? We all know the value and importance of skin-to-skin contact, but what else are the benefits for baby and parent? Babies who are worn cry less, they are content being close to their caregiver, and they allow the wearer to have two free hands so they can push a shopping cart, help an older child, eat lunch, or pretty much accomplish almost anything!

Whatever your reason, wearing your baby in a carrier is one of the best parent/baby bonding that we think you can do.

Babywearing Baby K'Tan

We all know how babywearing makes us feel as we snuggle close to our baby who is attached to our front, side or back, but how does the baby see things? Have you ever thought about how it is to babywear for the actual baby? For almost all babies, they can’t get enough of bonding with their parents and the closer they are, the better. If they could, they would stay attached to your warm body all day every day.

Babywearing Baby K'Tan

But what do they see in all this bonding? We are glad you asked!

We teamed up with Baby K’Tan, one of the most popular baby carriers for parents, to show you what it is like in “A Day in the Life of a Baby K’Tan Baby.” Our baby model, Carter, and his mom, were kind enough to allow our cameras to follow them around during the day to show you. Not only do you get to see things through the mom’s eyes, but with our special baby cam, we show you the world from the Carter’s angle as well!

Babywearing Baby K'Tan

Now, that you’ve seen Carter’s day, let’s talk about his carrier – the Baby K’Tan. Baby K’tan has a patented double-loop carrier design that allows you to wear the K’tan without any wrapping, while still providing the positions and benefits of a wrap! That’s right, there is no wrapping or buckling with the Baby K’tan because it slips on like a t-shirt.

They have three carrier options to choose from and here’s what makes each one different:

Baby K'tan Carriers

Baby K’tan carriers are designed for babies 8-35 lbs and come in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. The carriers are sized to fit the wearer and they go up to a women’s size 22 and a men’s suit size 50. The sizing is based on the mom’s pre-pregnancy fitted dress size. To give you a good idea, Carter’s mom wears a Baby K’Tan size small.

I’m sure you are wondering how the Baby K’tan is in regards to comfort, right? The double-loop design of the carrier distributes the baby’s weight evenly across your shoulders and back, and the back-support band helps you to adjust and center the loops of the carrier. Plus, the wide fabric can be spread over your shoulders to further distribute baby’s weight and the included sash can be tied around you and baby for added support.

Now, that you know it’s comfortable for the wearer, what about the baby, especially in regards to healthy hip development? The Baby K’tan offers ergonomic positions that promote healthy infant development. The wide fabric can be spread open to create an ergnomic and comfortable seat, with baby’s legs in an “M” position (fabric reaching the bend in baby’s knees, with knees at or above the level of baby’s bottom).

baby ktan carrier

The Baby K’tan isn’t a one-trick pony either. There are multiple positions to wear your baby and the Baby K’tan website has some great instructional videos and photos to help you master each position in no time.  Yep, you get all these positions with the same carrier and don’t have to mess with any wrapping or buckles!

Baby Ktan Carriers

So, who is ready to babywear with us?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Baby K’tan. As always, all thoughts, opinions, statements and ideas are our own. We only tell you about products that we actually like! 🙂

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