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Before Parenthood (Part II)

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I know I already did one round of this a few months ago, but…the other day I was talking with a pregnant friend of mine (first time mom) about what she should do to prepare for the birth of her baby and I realized I needed to do this again.

So, in giving her that talk, I came up with some more “before parenthood” things I wish I’d done more of before I had kids. They are:

Lease a flashy car, maybe a convertible. 

I now yearn for a minivan, but maybe at one time in my life, a less familial vehicle would have been nice. Maybe.

Eat in a restaurant and upon finishing your meal just sit.

Sit until your heart’s content. Sit until the waiter starts looking at you every five minutes. Sit until the bus boys begin vacuuming the floors. Sit and enjoy it.

Chew your food.

What’s the point of eating fast when you don’t have a two year old yelling in your ear? Hmmm? Chew your food now, dear childless friend of mine. Chew and savor and swallow.

Do long workouts.

There’s a reason why there’s 20 minute workouts being marketed to parents these days. Parents have so little time. Yes, before children, you are busy, you are tired on occasion. But you’ll only get busier and tired-er when you have kids. So, during this time without kids, be sure to exercise. Do long workouts, hour long and two hour workouts. Just because you can.

Sleep late.

I always prided myself in being able to wake up at 7 am everyday before children. Yeah. It was strange. But for some reason, I saw my ability to wake up early while the rest of my normal peers slept into the afternoon, as just further proof of my awesomeness. Now? Now I can’t sleep late even if I wanted. And I do want to, often.

Wear high heels.

I  like looking at three-inch heels because they are impressive and because as a mom who lives in flats they’re a reminder of how so much of my day is spent in places that make heels out of context.

That’s all…for now.

What are some things you wish you could have told your pre-parent self?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.