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  1. My 16 year old son let his female high school friends paint all his nails pink and he loves it and is going to where it to high school tomorrow thinking noone will care. Im afraid to admit that I am not happy with this. Maybe it’s the generation that I am from but I am disappointed.

  2. I’m having the same problem with my son he loves 2 help paint his sister’s nails or mine and do his own I to am concerned about him being picked on but he really wanted to go to school with the nail polish on so I let him do black because the following day he was going to be in the school play as a baby bear and I told him if anyone asks just tell them that Bears have black nails and he’s in costume I am thinking of removing the red and blue nail polish he put on his toes before he goes to his father’s though cuz I don’t see his father being calm about this as I am and I don’t want to cause any friction between my son and his father however I remember mentioning this to a counselor before and she told me to tread lightly and not to make a big deal on it that it doesn’t necessarily mean anything about his gender identity he might just like the colors or he’s a little artistic I personally don’t mind him painting his nails because I’m open-minded and I honestly don’t see it as him wanting to be a girl I just see it as he sees us doing it he wants to have fun too and I know he’s very creative so maybe he just wants to paint besides I’m sure Hollywood is filled of many makeup artists and hair stylist that are men sadly it’s the political views that make me question what to do though my heart tells me just let him be a child my personal fear is telling him that nail polish is only for girls might confuse him since I honestly think that he’s only interested in it because of the colors and because it’s a form of Art

  3. Nothing wrong with painting finger nails and toe nails, wearing skirts and makeup too. I mean it will all come off. Is not a big deal. Let them wear high heels while at it. At the end, is only self expression. And we want to bring our children free and besides it is fun while they are young. The problem is not now, the problems is that you are impacting their ability to choose their gender while they grow up. It is like giving alcohol to children, or drugs. They are way too young and their little brains are not yet matured to make decisions and by doing something girls only have done for years will make an impact and they will be affected. So nothing wrong if you want to bring a gay son, but just saying that is what you are doing. I have a brother who turned gay because he always wanted to do what I did. I love him to death and he has a wonderful heart and is a great person.

  4. Is it not emasculating to imply that a boy (or a man) could be so suddenly and easily confused about his own sexuality, by the mere application of and/or color of PAINT? For those against the nail polish on boys, I’m going to assume most of you have the same opinions regarding long hair/jewelry/makeup, etc. So keeping that in mind, now think of your favorite actor in your favorite war movie, or your favorite male country singer, or basically ANY entertainer, and guess what, 9 out of 10, those men were wearing AT THE VERY LEAST: MAKEUP.
    How many overtly machismo (or even discriminating/judgmental female) QUEEN fans out there???
    Or any 80s hair band?
    Tarzan, anyone?
    How about your like minded ultra conservative politicians, in front of any staged audience?
    That’s what I thought.

    And for the record, I have 4 year old son. He has long hair and wears nail polish. He is beautiful, sensitive, loving. Ooh, he kicks ass in sports, nerf guns and LEGOS. He has every rescue costume there is. He also has a baby doll with a stroller. But if you think braids or polish make him sound weak, just try to wrestle him. ?

  5. For those that are saying that painting boys fingernails is demasculating is wrong. It’s a form of self expression and on matter male or female if a person adult or child likes something they should be able to do it.

  6. It seems rather trivial that anyone would make an issue about a boy wearing nail polish.

    Really people, let’s recognize that everyone has to find their place in this world and if having a little color on their nails, girl or boy, makes them feel good, then why not? It certainly is not going to hurt them or anyone else (though some of the preceding comments seem to indicate otherwise..).

    I tire of some people who seem to be trying to inflict their own (sometimes narrow) beliefs on others. Hey, live and let live!! The more color the better as far as I’m concerned, let the guys have some fun too.

  7. there is no such conspiracy that supports the theory, crazy as that sounds, to emasculate men to support gender equality. that is pure unadulterated homophobia and gender bias kicking in loud and clear is all. dude says that all these girls will need strong men to defend them when they get married. what a load of nonsense is that?
    seems to me that bucking what everyone else, well, just the perceived everyone thinks says way more about strength than being a sheeple that mouths dysentery that is part of the collective belief system. omg, I cannot imagine being married to such Neanderthal thinking, as if being a former army sergeant gives credence to the thought. it is not mutually inclusive here, but I do thank you for your service.

    in conclusion, paint away, it’s just color, it comes off whenever you want, it’s fun and interesting, and lord knows we need more of that and less judgment in the world of today.

  8. I’ve been letting my, now 5 y/o, son wear polish for years now. It’s not everyday and it’s not all the time. But when he requests it, I let him. He sees me and my daughter put it on. It’s fun and why deny him? I also let him try on and play in tutus. Told him that he has to wait until he’s older to decide to get earrings – a little more permanent than tutus and nail polish. He’s recently been requesting superhero stuff, so I’m starting to make him and my daughter capes to play with.

    What does it matter if my kids want to play dress-up and paint their nails? If we teach our kids that it’s okay to have their own opinions and preferences, they will grow to be more self-confident in their own choices. If everyone were to teach their kids this, think about how open-minded the world would be.

    That said, recently my son’s peers have been telling him that boys don’t wear polish. I’m contemplating how to help him deal with this. For now, I just tell him it IS okay for him to wear it if HE wants to. Part of me feels I should take him to get cool superhero nails at the salon….. maybe a mohawk to go with it? But only if he requests it….

  9. @at jane, it’s because of closed minded people like you, using horrible words like [deleted], that it’s a big deal.. It’s a little polish, it will come off, if you don’t make a big deal out of it won’t be a big deal. A little nail polish isnt going to turn a child gay, he/she is already gay, the nail polish is just fun… And so what if a child is gay, nothing wrong with that!

  10. i am all for it! my boys ask for it on their toes and they are 5 and 3. what’s the big deal – they are kids and they think its fun so why not? i despise people who judge others for their choices – especially if it is not harming anyone! why make rude comments as jane and vivian? worry about your own life. the people who judge and comment negatively are the people who are insecure in their own life and with themself. that is the sad part.

  11. I have 2 very girly girls. If I was ever so blessed to have a boy, and he wanted his nails painted because his sisters and mom was, I would simply say: boys don’t wear nail polish, girls do. I asked my husband a former Army Sergeant and here are his thoughts on this. “Our culture is emasculating men in an effort to force gender equality.” He continues to say, his two girly girls are going to need strong men to marry someday. Mothers of boys have a responsibility to teach their boys how to be men, how to treat women, and treat a family, how to serve their country and many other things. My husband commented that he hopes there is a strong father in the house to put and end to this entire discussion.

  12. So, what shade of lipstick would they like? Blue? After all it is a boy color isn’t it? Oh, but I’m thinking someone. Ight comment and say that blue doesn’t necessarily have to be a boy color. True! The fact of the matter is that boys are being demasculated in every which way now-a-days. It’s ok for everyone to have the same rights.but this is feminizing of men, demasculating them. Don’t women feel more appealing, sexy, pretty(whatever other feelings women get) when they put on that pretty skirt, wear that eyeshadow, eyeliner, heels, nail polish, get your eye brows done, fix your hair. So why are boys(little or grown) wearing or doing the same thing??? These are woman,y, feminin things to do! It should forevermore be that way. It is a big thing, a HUGE THING in fact, for little boys to wear nail polish. But I guess if everyone thought the same this world would be a boring place.

  13. I don’t want to say what you did was wrong as we each choose how to handle situations with our own children and deserve to do so without criticism from others. However, for my situation I think I would explain to him that nail polish is for girls. I know that my husband would flip his lid if we had a son and I/he/or nanny had painted his nails. I’m sure it would turn to a here a cool things boys get to do that girls dont conversation. Again, we each handle things in our own ways. 🙂

  14. I took my 4 yr old with me to get a pedicure, and he got his nails painted green. I recently bought a bottle of green polish to redo his nails, and paint my 2 yr old sons nails. He caught a lot of criticism, and I was very irritated that people even thought anything of it, other than the fact that he likes green and sees me get my nails done. He doesn’t see anything wrong with it, so why should everyone else? I was mostly mad at others, specifically my close friends and family, for pointing that out and potentially ruining his fun. You don’t like it, don’t look.

  15. My 3 boys ages, 4,3 and 19 months ask all the time.. I do not think its a big deal. I put little dots on thier nails and they sit still and wait for the dots to dry. My husband dosent mind. I think its completly normal and not a big deal at all. I wouldnt send my child to school with polish on, but, its just something fun for them to do. Just like painting on paper.. whats the big deal??? No worries.

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