How to Buckle a Child into a Convertible Car Seat (VIDEO)

Convertible Car Seat

It’s How-To Monday, people! Today, we are back to car seats! Nope, not an installation video but another how-to video when it comes to buckling a child in the seat.

Let me take a second and tell you why we haven’t (and probably won’t!) do a “how to install a car seat” video. There are so many different car seats and vehicles, and we honestly think the best thing to do is take the car seat to a professional (car seat tech) to install. A video isn’t going to know your particular vehicle, and how the seat you’ve chosen fits into it perfectly. We think the safest car seat is the one that is installed and used correctly every single time. If we did a generic install video, it would give parents false security that they are doing it correctly, when in fact they might not be. That would be irresponsible and we don’t want you getting installation information from a video. We want you to take it to your local car seat technician whether that is at a car seat check, fire station, police station or your local EMT.

Okay, now that is out of the way, a couple weeks ago we highlighted the proper way to buckle a baby into an infant car seat. Things are a bit different when using a convertible car seat because there are key things you need to do depending on if the child is rear-facing or forward-facing.

Take a peek at our quick “How-To Buckle a Child into a Convertible Car Seat” and then share it with your friends, child’s grandparents (they buckle them in too!), aunts, uncles or anyone who may buckle a child into a car seat.