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Caitlyn Jenner’s Breasts But Not Mine, Right?!

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Look how far we’ve come. Look how far we still have to go …..

A few days ago, you could not turn on the TV, open Facebook, read an article or type a tweet without seeing Caitlyn Jenner pushing up her new girls for the world to admire. And we admired. Good for her! Power to you Caitlyn! Work it Girl! For the most part we accepted. Amazing, wonderful, I am so glad that we are becoming more accepting and inclusive society.

Caitlyn Jenner

We are capable of so much compassion and understanding that we can celebrate on every kind of media the public transformation of a man to a woman, but struggle accepting a practice as old as humanity itself.

So it makes me wonder.

Why, if we can accept that a man, who is transitioning to a woman, can flaunt perfect, white, perky breasts for the universe to see, why, why are we still struggling to accept a mother, showing 1/3 as much breast to feed her child?

Why are Caitlyn Jenner’s purchased, implanted and flaunted breasts more acceptable than one giving nourishment? Is it because they are perfect, perky or fake? Because they aren’t sagging, stretchy or being used to feed? Why do people continue to berate each other with absurdities like “ whipping them out” and “poo’ing is natural too” nonsense?

Of course this isn’t about Caitlyn or even the LGBT movement. But it is sensational enough to catch your eye, grasp your attention and hopefully challenge the mind.

We are moving towards an age of acceptance, but we have left some people behind in the process.

This isn’t about feminism, or even ‘mom’ism, this is about moving so quickly that we have left the rights of the most vulnerable behind. The child.

In all the this, the rights of the child have been forgotten. The child’s, infant in most cases, right to feed. To feel comfort, to feel safe. And I will advocate till my dying day, that the rights of the child ALWAYS supersede your right to eat at a restaurant, fly on a plane, shop in a mall, to look the other way. Every. Single. Time.

So yeah for Caitlyn Jenner’s new boobs, and amen for all the boobs that feed, comfort and keeps our babes nourished and safe. Surely there is room in our Facebook feed for both.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.