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  1. The problem isn’t the fact that you are breastfeeding, it’s the fact that some of you “whip it out” ANYWHERE, like in front of my 3 y/o, who doesnt know what a breast is. It’s all a respect issue. There should be a middle ground for EVERYONE to feel comfortable not just the breastfeeding mom! I don’t think you should have to walk to your car but I do think you all should be respectful enough to go to a private area, and not in the middle of a restaurant! We paid to come eat, not watch you feed your baby. Sex is natural, it’s how you make the babies to which you want to feed anywhere, would it be ok for me and my boyfriend to “whip it out” and making it in the restaurant, You know since it’s natural….. a ITS PRODUCING LIFE! I breastfed both my kids and out of respect for myself, kids, and boyfriend and not wanting to expose myself to a sexual PREDATOR (cause they are EVERYWHERE ) I took the 1 to 2 minutes to walk to a less exposed area and feed my children. MY KIDS GREW UP FINE AND IM STILL LIVING. RIGHTS GO BOTH WAYS.

  2. You have a great point, however it’s lost amidst your inability to use the right pronouns or the correct name for Caitlyn Jenner.

  3. Continuing to call Caitlyn Bruce is disrespectful.To what end? How does being disrespectful to Caitlyn help promote a child’s right to breastfeed? If this is about any child’s right it’s about the kids who are trans and need to see trans role models. So maybe kids like Leelah won’t decide life is so horrible they choose to commit suicide. See someone out there is like me.

    Most people I know who support Caitlyn also support nursing in public and sharing BF photos on facebook.

  4. Caitlyn has made it abundantly clear she wants to be called Caitlyn, not Bruce. Consistently calling her by her former name and gender is disrespectful, ignorant and repugnant.

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