Car Seat Emergency Contact Information – DO THIS!

Car Seat Emergency

This isn’t a new idea because it seems to go around the internet every few months if not once a year. I can’t believe we haven’t addressed this at Baby Gizmo up to this point, but today is the day! We are talking about emergency contact information on car seats.

If you get into a crash and are knocked unconscious or unresponsive in some way, your child or children in the backseat will most likely not be able to give the paramedics or police the pertinent information that they need. Therefore, you want to put all this information on the side of your child’s infant seat, convertible seat or even booster seat. Simply print it out on a piece of paper and secure it with clear tape to the car seat. I suggest using heavy-duty, clear packing tape. it works the best.

Car Seat Emergency

Here is the form that I use: (You can just copy, print it out and put your child’s information)

Car Seat Emergency Card