DIY Almost Free Birthday Card

This will probably sound like a super simple, but when I was short a birthday card the other week and came up with this I thought I was near genius!

Here’s how it went down …

We received a Thomas the Train birthday invitation and I put it on the fridge to remind me of the party date. The day of the party came and we were wrapping up the gift when I realized I didn’t have a card and the gift bag we were using didn’t have one of those little tags. Hmmm, what to do?

So, instead of go cardless, I grabbed the invitation, trimmed it a bit, my daughter helped me glue it to a piece of white card stock and we wrote our birthday message on the back! Now, instead of sending a mystery gift to the party we were able to make our own, free card featuring the birthday boy’s favorite character! diy birthday invitation

With a snip of baker’s twine and a quick hole punch we attached the “card” to our gift bag and off we went to celebrate!

Now, instead of buying cards I think we’ll always DIY our own. The perfect way to recycle and personalize a birthday gift!

Word to the wise … Be sure to plug the party address into your phone or take a quick photo of the party details BEFORE you go all DIY on the invitation 🙂