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How to Get Your Kids to Happily Clean the House

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No mom likes household chores, am I right?! Besides laundry, one of my least favorite things to do that needs to be done almost daily is clean the floors. With three kids, a dog and a messy husband, it seems like my floors are always dirty. Our dark wood floors are the worst, because while they are beautiful, the dark wood shows any and all dirt. No bueno.

It doesn’t seem to bother anyone else in my house if the floors are dirty, so that leaves mom cleaning them most days. Sure, the kids will do it if I force them to, but there is always a struggle. The struggle is real, my friends.

Plus, I didn’t have a fool-proof method to cleaning the wood floors. I used one of those dust/wet mops ( you know, those microfiber mop systems) that just never worked really well. The flat, microfiber cleaning pad was okay for dust mopping but it really just pushed the dirt around and when I tried to use it as a wet mop, it just pushed wet dirt around. Multiple times throughout cleaning the floors, I would stop, rinse out the microfiber pad by hand in the sink and then keep mopping.  It was pretty much a gross job. I didn’t know any other way.  Cleaning just isn’t my forte.

Until I found a better way.

I was recently introduced to the O’Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System and I have to say that it has changed the way I clean my floors. This new EasyWring Mop makes mopping the floors easy, and what’s even better, my kids beg to do it! Win-win.

O-Cedar EasyWring

The EasyWring comes with a microfiber spin mop with telescoping handle and a spin bucket but this system is different than the ones I’ve previously used. Let’s start with the mop!

The mop has a bushy, microfiber head that is super absorbent and has a triangular shape that makes it easy to reach and clean the corners. The pivoting head also makes it easy to clean under furniture which is usually missed with traditional mops. I use my spin pop on my hardwood floors and bathroom tile but it can also be used on laminate, marble and linoleum.


The spin mop is great but it wouldn’t be noteworthy without the spin bucket. The spin bucket is a heavy-duty bucket with a sturdy handle and an EasyWring system for hands-free wringing without bending.

O-Cedar EasyWring

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill the bucket to the max water line.
  2. Place the mop inside bucket into the water/cleaner to rinse the mop.
  3. Place wet mop inside the wringer and loosely hold handle to allow mop to spin,.
  4. Stop down on the foot pedal to spin. You can customize the moisture level of the mop by stepping down on the pedal multiple times. (More spin = more dry)
  5. Remove mop from wringer and mop floor.


Yep, that easy and you don’t have to bend down or touch the mop head at all to rinse or wring out! The circular, EasyWring piece in the bucket reminds me of the old salad spinners and it works great. Plus, it features a splash guard that really keeps the splash and spray in the bucket. The mop heads can be machine-washed up to 10 times and refills are available when it’s time to replace.

Normally, cleaning supplies don’t really get me excited because it is still cleaning after all. But after hearing my 7 and 9 year olds beg to mop the floor, the excitement began. Any product that works like it says it does, makes cleaning easier and has my kids wanting to do it is a fantastic product in my book! (And a miracle worker!)

If you’d like a better way of cleaning your floors, you can pick up the O-Cedar EasyWring at Walmart, other retailers and

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by O-Cedar. As always, all thoughts, opinions and statements are our own.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.