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Halloween Breakfast Ideas

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Halloween is my four year old son’s favorite holiday. It doesn’t matter if it’s October or not, any month of the year you can find him requesting to watch every Halloween movie ever made and every single week when we go to the library for new books, he always chooses Halloween books complete with monsters, witches, pumpkins, the works! Because of this, I try to go all out for Halloween, breakfast included.

Halloween Breakfast Ideas

Why not start this spooky holiday off right and make your family a Halloween inspired breakfast to remember? Today I’ve rounded up some fun ones for you to try this year!

monster oatmeal
Photo Source: Mr. Breakfast

Monster Oatmeal. Your kids will never be able to say oatmeal is boring ever again! Spice and spook things up by turning your oatmeal into a monster face!

ghost pancakes
Photo Source: Instructables

Ghost Pancakes.  This will definitely be the easiest Halloween breakfast you’ll ever make! You don’t even need cookie cutters or special skills to shape these spooky ghosts. Just add some chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth and you’re done!

mummy sausages
Photo Source: Chaos In The Kitchen

Mummy Sausages. These little mummy sausage dogs will be a huge hit for Halloween breakfast! They’re also perfect to grab and go if your kids are late for the bus that morning!

candy corn waffles
Photo Source: Random Thoughts Of A Super Mom.

Candy Corn Waffles. What’s better than a waffle that tastes AND looks like candy corn?

donut hole halloween
Photo Source: Family Fresh Meals

Donut Hole Spider Eggs. Let’s face it, we don’t all have endless time to cook an elaborate breakfast. That’s why this is so great. All you need to do is pick up some powdered sugar donut holes, add some creepy crawly spiders, and make a sign telling your kids they’re spider eggs. You were probably up all night making last minute costumes anyway so cut yourself a break and throw this together instead!

pumpkin french toast
Photo Source: Tidy Mom

Pumpkin French Toast. Your Halloween breakfast doesn’t have to be crazy festive to still ring in the holiday spirit. Here’s a cereal coated pumpkin French toast that is sure to please everyone, dads included!

baked eyeball eggs
Photo Source: Operation Santa Claus.

Baked Eyeball Eggs.  Eggs and Canadian bacon is the breakfast of champions. Add some ketchup and turn this delicious meal into oogly googly eyeballs!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.