How to Build an Accent Wall & Bench

It’s time to transform another space in our new house and Mr. Gizmo is on it! With so many home projects on our list, building this accent wall and bench was actually an easy one that was quite cheap to do.

Home builders these days are including all types wall cut-outs to give a space character. Problem is that unless you want to pay TOP DOLLAR for them to complete the space with shelves or cabinets, it ends up just being a blank, empty space that you don’t know what to do with. Do I add a table? Good luck finding the perfect sized table that looks good. Do I just hang a photo or piece of art and call it a day? Well, you could do that but if it’s an empty cutout to the ground, that might not complete the space.

Today, we have your solution and it’s pretty easy to do! Mr. Gizmo shows you how he added a bench, an accent wall and even added more lighting. The bench was built out of wood that he had left over from building the built-in cabinets in our family room, the wall boards were from Lowes, the lights were from Amazon and the baskets and pillows were from Home Goods .

Watch as he transforms this space…