Important British English/American English Words You Should Know


Americans speak English, Brits speak English,  so all the words should be the same, right?


Having moved to the USA 6 years ago, but still visiting London once a year, I’m getting used to people looking at me strangely when I say certain words. Saying “Can I have a jacket potato?” in America has most people wondering about my sanity, while asking for a “comforter” in the UK will leave people wondering if you need a hug. And a trip to a psychiatrist.

So, if you’re traveling across the pond, here are some words you will need to remember, in order to avoid any confused stares.



At Home

Toilet = The loo

Band Aid = Plaster

Pacifier = Dummy

Diaper = Nappy

Pants = Trousers

Panties = Pants

Trash = Rubbish

Trash can = Rubbish bin

Comforter = Duvet

At A Restaurant

Soda = Fizzy Drink

Carbonated water = Sparkling Water or Fizzy Water

Check = The bill

Chips = Crisps

Fries = Chips

Baked potato = Jacket potato

Out and About

Stroller = Pram/Buggy/Pushchair

Freeway = Motorway

Elevator = Lift

Sidewalk = Pavement

Cell = Mobile

Purse = Handbag

Ladies wallet = Purse