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  1. I have a question…
    You said in your video (which is great by the way), that the dimensions of the wagon is 43 long by 25 wide… that the actual size of the inside of the wagon? or is that handle to handle and the width of the tires?

    Thank you!!!

  2. We are looking for a wagon for our twins that will be 1 this summer. Out of curiosity, what makes this better than a wagon I can get for half the price? I really like the way it looks, but not sure I can justify the price to my husband. What is your opinion?

    1. First off..I do NOT have this wagon. I saw this wagon at the zoo the other day and holy moses, I was blown away! I was a single mother years ago when my son was little and paying $80something a year for a zoo membership was something I could afford. I had the plastic, Radio Flyer wagon that I would take with us and it was fine. Its a wagon so I had to drag it behind me. If the zoo was really busy, I would get nervous about him trying to get out of the wagon or moving around in it while I was pulling. Or me not being able to move quickly, sometimes the wheels would get a tad jacked up and jerk him around when I did get moving. When I saw THIS wagon last week, WHOA! As a single mom, I’d have taken out a loan to pay for this wagon. The way its built, I’d probably STILL be using it today to take my 2 little girls to the zoo. The people who had it talked about how easy it was and how much they loved it. I’m getting one now.

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