Keenz Stroller Wagon Review

Keenz Stroller Wagon ReviewKeenz Stroller Wagon

If you’re heading to a baseball game, going to the zoo, or planning a family walk and picnic, I have the PERFECT accessory for you — the Keenz Stroller Wagon! Yes, you read that right, Keenz has morphed everything parents love about a stroller and paired it with the amazing capabilities of a wagon. It’s a match made in heaven, especially for families with multiple children who tend to pack everything and the kitchen sink for their family outings.

I’m excited to highlight my favorite features and share how easy the Keenz Stroller Wagon is to use. Watch my debut Baby Gizmo video review below and see how Keenz offer space and safety for all!

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Keenz Stroller Wagon


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I have a question…
You said in your video (which is great by the way), that the dimensions of the wagon is 43 long by 25 wide… that the actual size of the inside of the wagon? or is that handle to handle and the width of the tires?

Thank you!!!


Please, advise on cost of the wagon and number of kids that can fit in.


We are looking for a wagon for our twins that will be 1 this summer. Out of curiosity, what makes this better than a wagon I can get for half the price? I really like the way it looks, but not sure I can justify the price to my husband. What is your opinion?

mike scavone

can the wheels be removed easily



Does the cart come wokith some sort of padding on the bottom