Knotted Headbands, Caps, And Slouchy Beanies

A great headpieces is the easiest way to accessorize your little one, so we’ve rounded up some of the cutest, most fashionable knotted headbands, caps, and slouchy beanies for your child. All of these items are great for getting your little ones hair out of their eyes, keeping little ears warm, and let’s face it- children look even cuter with something on their head!


Miss J Handmade 1
Photo Source: Miss J Handmade

Miss J Handmade Knotted Caps- $12 These sweet, adorable knotted caps are perfect for wee little newborn babes.

Little Hip Squeaks
Photo Source: Little Hip Squeaks

Little Hipsqueaks Slouchy Beanie- $10 Here’s the perfect slouchy beanie for your trendsetting tot.

Jennifer Ann
Photo Source: Jennifer Ann

Jennifer Ann Knotted Headwraps- $10 Jennifer Ann is the queen of knotted headbands. Her cute shop is full of headbands that are perfect for your little girl!

Miss J Handmade 2
Photo Source: Miss J Handmade

Miss J Handmade Striped Slouchy Beanie- $18.50 You can never go wrong with stripes- it’s classic, modern, and would pair well with pretty much everything already in your child’s wardrobe.

salt city emporium
Photo Source: Salt City Emporium

Salt City Emporium Arrow Slouchy Beanie- $16.50 I love this slouchy beanie from Salt City Emporium because it’s light weight, super soft, and perfect for every season. Let it be baggy, or scrunch it down, this beanie has lots of options.

Little Bird Lucy
Photo Source: Little Bird Lucy

Little Bird Lucy Knitted Knot Cap- $18.99 This handmade knitted cap is perfect for newborn photos, plus you can have it custom made in any color scheme you desire!

salt city emporium 2
Photo Source: Salt City Emporium

Salt City Emporium Balloon Animal Headband- $9 This knotted headband is especially fun because you can buy them in adult sizes if mom and daughter want to match!

Photo Source: Babito

Babito Slouchy Cloud Beanie- $15 This awesome beanie reminds me of my sons favorite movie Up. It’s made from a soft cotton fabric and the best part is that it’s reversible! Blue with white clouds on one side and light blue on the other side!