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National Cesarean Awareness Month

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April is National Cesarean Awareness Month.

It’s a time for pregnant mamas to prepare for the potential by getting educated and asking their provider important questions. It’s a time to raise awareness about benefits and risks as the number of c-sections in our country reach an all time high. It’s also a time to give a pat on the back to mamas who have endured a cesarean – a major abdominal surgery on top of caring for a newborn; mamas who have cesareans are super heroes in my book!

For me, this month reminds me to say a special thank you to my Mom, because 26 years ago she experienced 24 hours of labor followed by a provider recommended c-section (and therefore the related recovery) in order to bring little Gretchen into the world. So, thank you Mom! Thank you for sacrificing your body for me in a very special way!

If you plan to have a little one in the future, here is a list of worthwhile resources to peruse … education is power!

cesarean section

My Mom is trained as a birth and postpartum doula now and more than once I’ve heard her say, “If I had known about fetal positioning and other options for avoiding a c-section I wonder if things would have been different …” And that’s what this month is all about. Sharing information and research so parents arrive at birth with a bag full of resources to ensure they and their baby experience the best birth possible.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.