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  1. My daughter had hers until she was 4. We never had any issues as far as teeth or speech but I was well aware it was past time to give it up. We left it under the tree for Santa and he left her a “big girl” toy that only comes to kids that don’t have paci’s. Although she only actually asked for it once, there was a few weeks of a lot of crying as she learned to soothe herself without it. Mostly when she was upset or hurt but it really wasn’t an issue at bed time. It’s much easier at that age when they can comprehend what is happening. My son is 19 months now and I see it affecting his teeth so I am hoping to get rid of it. We tried the “damaged paci method” and it was terrible! Hours of crying until he exhausted himself. I gave in and got him a new one.

  2. We are in the process of trying to wean our baby girl from her paci. It is not easy. I am trying the limit it technique and telling her she is a big girl and she doesn’t need it. Honestly the best thing I have found so far is telling her I cannot understand her when she has it in or when she asks for hugs or kisses tell her I don’t give kisses to paci’s. Of course I would but it seems to work 🙂

  3. Daulton used his till he was I believe 2 or 3 and we just quit cold turkey. Threw it in the trash at his Aunt’s, went home and held him till he was done crying. Which ended up being close to 3 hours worth of crying 0_o

  4. My kids both used theirs until they were around 2-3. They never had any dental issues because of using the pacifiers, their baby teeth were incredibly straight. We limited their use to bed/nap time, sick days, car trips, and one day they just stopped sucking on them. I didn’t do anything special or try to take it away, they just outgrew them. My daughter gave hers to her baby dolls. We still have a few in the box with doll toys.

    1. Hopefully my son will just outgrow his too! 🙂 That’s cute that your daughter gave them to her dolls! What a good “mommy” to them!

  5. With my 2 year old I started to limit when he could have his pacifier (naps and bed time) but then he had heart surgery so I said “forget that he can have it whenever he wants it”. and he had it attached to his shirt for about a week and he never put it in his mouth so it just was gone one day (I hid it but made it so if he needed it I would have it) and he has not asked for it since and that was 6+ months ago

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