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  1. As a recently updated to mom of three myself, I’ve found myself yearning for different things. This baby definitely got a lot of hand me downs and borrowed items since we were not planning on having a third. But, given that we now have a third, it is a lot of fun. A bit crazy. Especially since they are all boys. But still tons of fun!

    Since we sold everything, we literally have a bunch of leftovers for my poor littlest man. We have 2 crib sheets total. Which means one for home and one for daycare. We bought the mesh crib liners since we did not buy a crib set. Although I REALLY wanted to buy the hungry little caterpillar set that pottery barn kids has.

    The hygeia enjoye is amazing! That is the one new item that I bought for this little guy. Best thing ever! It works way better than my old medela did!

    And I also splurged on a used moby wrap this time around. Well worth the $20 I paid for it!

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