Review: Disney Animators’ Collection Mini Doll Play Sets

There are a handful of toys that I buy for my children that are actually kind of gifts to myself. Do you know what I’m talking about? The ones that catch your eye and you think, “Gosh, I would have LOVED that as a kid.” You buy it for your child with high hopes that they’ll love it too and when they do all the stars glimmer a little brighter.

That’s how it went when I gifted my daughter the Snow White play set from the Disney Animators’ Collection.

snow white mini doll

I actually packed it along on our trip to Disneyland last year and gave it to her the day before we went to the park so she would have something to play with in our hotel room. It was such a hit! The mini Snow White is absolutely darling and all her accessories make for cute little conversations and acting out of scenes from the story.

Sidenote: I HIGHLY¬†recommend pre-buying some gifts/souvenirs before Disney vacations. You’ll save a bundle!¬†

But, back to Snow White. For roughly $20 your kids can enjoy a mini doll, accessories, and a carrying case. In my opinion, these little sets are 10x better than bigger dolls. They’re portable, come with storage, and are beyond cute! I adore the classic design of the Animators’ Collection and thankfully, so does my daughter! Now, which character to buy next …

You can find many of the Disney Animators’ Collection Mini Doll Play Sets on Amazon and at The Disney Store. I love Belle and am so happy they included Lilo in the mini collection too!