7 Kid-Friendly Activities For Road Trips

Road Trip

Every few months our family road trips to visit my in-laws a state away. My oldest is almost three so I can’t always bank on a long nap as our car ride entertainment and thus, have begun collecting the best (and simplest) ideas to make our road trips more enjoyable for everyone. Take a peek at my collection for our upcoming trip!

car i spy

Transportation themed I Spy – brilliant! lacing cards

What a fabulous back seat activity – lacing cards! I love these from designs Melissa & Doug and eeBoo.

magnet board

A cookie sheet magnet board – what a great idea!

paint chip

This Paint Chip Matching Game DIY hits the jackpot for simple, educational and fun!

travel snacks

Everyone loves a snack on the road!

car bucks

When stuck in small spaces with children, I’m not against bribery. Love the idea of car bucks!

hammer play doh

If hammer play doh doesn’t sound fun to you … it will sound awesome to your three year old 🙂

And … three bonus ideas for managing meals and snack in the car:

Sippy Cup Leash

Kids Car Dining

Fast Food Caddy

What’s your favorite kid-friendly activity for road trips?