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  1. Great idea! Putting one together this morning and will add the spare t’shirt. I like to line a pail with a plastic garbage bag to put beside their bed. There never seems to be enough time to run to the bathroom. The boys beds are also always made up with two sheets and waterproof mattress pads, layered. This way if one layer is wet or messy just remove the sheet and pad and they can go right back to sleep without the fuss of making up a bed. It’s ideal for the middle of the night or with bunk beds!

  2. Good idea! You might also include hair elastics and (or) cloth headbands if you have girls with long hair…. there’s nothing quite like the JOY of finding throw up in your daughter’s hair (YUCK!)…. Also, grocery store plastic bags work great for the smaller quick contain and throw away jobs (they also make decent impromptu hand covers if you’re squeamish about touching throw up and don’t have gloves!). 🙂

  3. **spare t-shirt for yourself so you can change after being vomited on without leaving the bed/cribside of a child moaning for nothing but mama.

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