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Smart Monitoring Simplified: A Review of the Ellie Baby Pro Smart Baby Monitor

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As I’ve always said – if you are having a baby, a video monitor should be on your must-have list. No question about it! It doesn’t matter whether you live in a tiny house or a big, sprawling mansion, a video monitor will give you the peace of mind that you’ll need as a new parent when your baby is in her crib. 

Ellie, the subsidiary of SimShine, has launched a baby monitor that we think you need to know about. The Ellie A.I. Smart Baby Monitor is your ultimate companion in parenting peace of mind. In a world where safety and connectivity are paramount, this cutting-edge monitor offers a new parenting solution to monitor your little one stocked with great features and amazing AI technology. Boasting state-of-the-art technology, intuitive features, and an adorable design, the Ellie Smart Baby Pro sets a new standard in baby monitoring. Why do we like it? Let’s get into it.

ellie baby pro monitor on dresser

Advanced Video Monitoring

The Ellie Smart Baby Pro sets itself apart with its advanced video monitoring capabilities. Equipped with a 2.5K QHD camera, it provides an amazing view of your baby’s activities directly to your smartphone or tablet. The 5MP infrared night vision provides a good picture of your baby at night so that you can see your baby even in the dark. Here is a photo of how great the picture is:

picture of a dog on the ellie baby pro app

Pan and Tilt Monitor Functions

The monitor offers 360 degree pan and tilt functions, allowing you to adjust the camera angle remotely for optimal viewing. Whether you’re in the next room or miles away, you can stay connected to your baby in real-time. Plus, we love that the monitor has a Follow Baby Technology that can be set so the camera will automatically rotate to follow baby in her crib or in her room. This feature is especially helpful in a playroom.

Danger Zone Detection

Since babies can be on the move quite quickly, the Baby Pro also has a Danger Zone Detection feature which allows you to set a virtual perimeter on the screen (like a geofence) so that you are alerted if baby leaves that area. A mobile alert will pop up on your smart phone.

ellie baby pro monitor danger zone

Intelligent Alerts and Notifications

One of the standout features of the Ellie Smart Baby Pro is its intelligent alert system. Using motion and sound sensors, the monitor detects any unusual activity or disturbances in the baby’s room. You’ll receive instant notifications on your device, keeping you informed of your baby’s movements, cries, or any other sounds that may require your attention. Sure, you can hear a baby cry on any monitor but the Ellie Baby Pro can differentiate crying from other loud noises and will start playing one of the five lullabies to soothe them. This feature can be turned off or on depending on your preference. This proactive approach to monitoring provides parents with peace of mind, knowing they’ll be alerted to any potential issues, day or night.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

If you are worried about security and privacy, let the Ellie Smart Baby Pro put your mind at ease. This monitor has secure encrypted connections, so you can be confident that your baby’s video feed remains private and protected from access from unknown people.

Ellie Monitor Storage

The Ellie monitor stores video date locally on the included SD card for enhanced security and preventing any cloud uploads.

ellie monitor sd card in monitor

Multiple User Accounts

Additionally, the monitor allows for multiple user accounts with customizable access levels, so you can share access with trusted family members or caregivers while maintaining control over who can view the feed. This added layer of security ensures that your baby’s safety and privacy always comes first.

The Look  

Yes, I appreciate things in the baby nursery that are cute. It’s a baby nursery after all and the Ellie doesn’t disappoint in this area either. The monitor looks like a little character (a penguin, in my opinion) and is cute but modern enough to blend in nicely with any nursery décor.

ellie baby pro monitor appearance

Other Favorite Features:

  • Ellie has Two-way Talk for interacting with your baby remotely.
  • The temperature and humidity sensors monitor your baby’s environment so that they are comfortable.

Ellie Video Review

The Ellie Smart Baby Pro Baby Monitor is a standout choice for parents seeking a monitoring solution to keep tabs on their little ones. With its advanced video monitoring, intelligent alert system, and enhanced security features, it offers peace of mind and convenience for parents and caregivers. However, while the monitor excels in many aspects, it’s worth noting that a nightlight feature directly controllable from the app is notably absent. Despite this minor drawback, the Ellie Smart Baby Pro remains a top contender in the category of baby monitors, providing parents with the tools they need to stay connected and ensure their baby’s safety and well-being around the clock.

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