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Sturdy Puzzles That Hold Up Year After Year

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I hate to sound like a puzzle snob, but I only buy three brands of puzzles for my kids — eeBoo, Mudpuppy, and Ravensburger.

Now, hear me out. I totally have my reasons! These companies have figured out true puzzle enjoyment and longevity. Our family loves them!

Here’s why:

  • The pictures and themes are awesome
  • The pieces are sturdy, like STURDY
  • Each brand offers a piece count for young kids to adults
  • The pieces actually click together and stay put
  • They go on sale sometimes
  • They last for years, no peeling or bending

Take a peek at some these great options, I’m sure you’ll find one worth giving a try. And then, you’ll see exactly why these puzzles are worth the investment!

Dinosaur Puzzle

Dinosaurs, 20 pieces, $10

Aren’t these fun and colorful dinos the best? My three year old has been rocking his 12 piece puzzles lately so we are ready for the next step and I think this design might be it!

Opposite Puzzle

Opposites, 36 pairs, $19

A perfect beginner puzzle, just two pieces to match and set together.

Unicorn Puzzle

Horse Dreams, 100 pieces, $14

This feels so Lisa Frank to me! Perfect for horse lovers everywhere!

Disney Cars Puzzle
Disney Cars Puzzle

Disney Cars, 3 puzzles that are 49 pieces each, $12

Ravensburger has tons of Disney puzzles. We got Moana for Christmas (my son’s favorite!) and this one will probably be next since it’s a trifecta of fun.

Transportation Puzzle for Kids

Transportation, 4 puzzles ranging from 4-12 pieces each, $15

I love these sets that grow with your child’s puzzle ability. Start with the 4 piece, then move on to the 6, 9, and 12!

USA Puzzle for Kids and Adults

USA, 1000 pieces, $17

Kick off a family puzzle night with this geography special. Talk about where you’ve been and where you hope to go 🙂

Song Birds Puzzle for Kids

Songbirds, 500 pieces, $14

Isn’t this so pretty? I love all these sweet birds!

Under the Sea My Very Long Puzzle

Under the Sea, 30 pieces, $17

Who needs a square puzzle when you can work on a very long one? Such fun!

eeboo Life on Earth Puzzle

Life On Earth, 20 pieces, $10

This handled box set actually comes in ten styles, they’re all so cute and convenient!

Cool Cats A-Z Puzzle

Cool Cats, 1000 pieces, $17

Cool Cats is right! It might take some time, but I think this is one of those designs that is worth framing when you’re done.

Space Puzzle

Space, 100 pieces, $13

This puzzle is out of this world 🙂

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.