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  1. Very nice article Laura. I always find it amusing that these kids that come to “share” my child’s toys actually have a hard time giving the toy back to my child when he wants it back. So in reality, I don’t think any child comes by to share a toy, they just come to take it. That is a different lesson moms need to step in and teach that it’s not okay. A child should be taught early on that you cannot just take something that is not yours, even if the other person has given you permission to play with it for a little bit. I had a hard time teaching my own 3 year old son that he’s not allowed to go to someone’s house and just take a toy home, even if his friend (or rather his mom’s friend) says it was okay after seeing he was having a fit giving it back. Going to the store was even harder, but it seems he’s finally figured it out.

  2. In a perfect world, more parents would bring sand toys to the park for their kids to use…….. therefore eliminating the “NEED” for our toddlers to “share”. My toddler (2yrs old) and I got bombarded at the park sandbox once last summer! Much older kids were trying to take her sand toys. They were trying to take them way across the play area and use them very roughly to throw sand at each other……..needless to say, I didn’t allow it. There was 1 or 2 sweet girls that asked to use the sandtoys and I invited them to play along with my daughter, but insisted that they not leave her play area with the toys.
    This year, I will only be taking 1 shovel and 1 bucket to the park, so there aren’t any ‘extra’ sandtoys for ‘sharing’.

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